Friday, April 30, 2010

RAOK from Tiffani

I know. I suck. I'm so behind on posts... And e-mails and everything else. I apologise. *hangs head in shame* These pills are taking the toll. I feel sick and have headaches ALL day long.
Those who take AD's probably know what I'm saying.

I got this great package from Tiffani from Yardsticks 4 Lunatics. She sent me 2 packages actually. And inside those packages - 11 gorgeous shades. OMG! I don't know if I deserve this or if I'm just lucky... anyway - huge thanks goes to Tiffani: THANK YOU, Tiff! :*

Oh, the gorgeousness! *faints*

I think my cats are a bit annoyed by my addiction. Jimi gave me *the look* the other day.

Thanks for looking!

It's Time

It's time to let go... to forget you, 'cause you'll come here no more. You were my all.

Claire's Mood - Peaceful/Confident

I didn't think this shade will become my favorite Claire's Mood nail polish shade. But it did. And I love it.

Here's how the color changes. From turquoise blue to beautiful turquoise green. Absolutely gorgeous! It goes even darker when you're really cold - at a certain moment I thought I had teal nail polish on my nails. That's how dark it gets. At least on me.

Wanna see some color changing?

...and some more.

This polish applied nicely, but as with the other ones (except for the purple one) I got bald spots. You must not hurry while applying this baby. =) I used three coats.

It's so beautiful it deserves a collage.

The only thing I absolutely hate about this polish: it chips SO easily. You must be really careful to not bump your nails and don't even think about washing the dishes with this one.

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Maybe It's Maybelline

But I think it's the case of ''MayBeIgnorant''.

I got Maybelline promo email about a new mascara product with the chance to win it and I said to myself: why not, let's give it a shot. As I was entering my info, I realized there's no Slovenia in the 'country' drop down menu. Errrm... Did they think that Slovenia and Slovakia are the same sh*t? Well, they wouldn't be the first to think that. But when I was browsing through the menu trying to find something that's ''close enough'' I found Yugoslavia on the list. What?! I knew that Yugoslavia didn't exist before I knew that Santa Claus doesn't exist.

OK, if we're completely accurate: Slovenia hasn't been a part of Yugoslavia since 1991, but Yugoslavia ceased to be in 2003. But another question comes to my mind: why is there Bosnia and Herzegovina on the list then?

I don't know if this is the result of bad education system or just a bad sense of humor, but I know one thing: Stay in school, kids!

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mail Day and Other Crap

Mail Day! I love those kind of days. =) Can you see? Oh yes, my first Bloom nail polishes. Thank you Dorlene! :*** The Essence didn't come from 'down under' but I did get it today.

Now I know why everyone is so crazy about Bianca. It's gorgeous blue/green with yellow/gold shimmer. Magic! Here are the swatches:

My sister and I ordered these cute baby shoes on Ebay. Princess shoes for a little ''devilish'' princess. =) She likes them!


For those of you who are wondering - my meat free month is going fine. I enjoy in the veggies and soya very much. I can survive any kind of diet that allows me to eat pasta. XD


If you haven't seen it yet. You can now follow my blog via Bloglovin' if that's your thing. =) Whatever floats your boat...

And also: I added 3 new drawings to my Etsy store and I'll soon add some prints too. Take a look if you're interested.

Thanks for looking!

Crazy Me VS I Sea You

You thought they were ''close enough''? It depends what kind of a nail polish junkie you are.

As you can see Essence Crazy Me and Catrice I Sea You aren't that close at all. They're both green and similar toned, but that's about it. Essence is deeper and it has jelly-like qualities. It's not a complete jelly though. Catrice on the other hand is dustier (toned down with grey). Photos speak for themselves:

I love everything about the Catrice one and Essence is also really good. I think you should get them both if you can. You can never have to many greens, right Feline? XD

Hope this post helps!

Thanks for looking!

Crazy Green Make Up

I went ''crazy'' yesterday with the green Essence nail polish, so I figured it would be the only right thing to go crazy with the make up as well. =)

I used:
* Urban Decay Primer Potion
* Coastal Scents 88 Matte Palette (3 colors that are numbered and circled)

* Essence Black Mania eyeliner pencil
* Avon liquid eyeliner in Evening Black
* Essence Maximum Definition mascara
* Coastal Scents brushes

My nails match my eye MU. XD Do you every match your nail polish to clothes you're wearing, accessories or your make up?

Thanks for looking!


It's 2:23 AM and I'm still up. I'm waiting for my pills to kick in...

There was a Johnny Cash documentary on TV and I *had* to watch it. His interpretation of a song Hurt can break me down in a second. And it did. I still think that Carter & Cash story is the greatest love story ever. I wish I could experience that someday. But then again, I said I don't believe in love. I really don't. Because I'm not 17 anymore.

Some of you wanted to know about my pills change...

Yeah, I love you too, you chihuahua troll... but this is my blog, remember?

Anyway. I thought it was going really well and I didn't have any problems... until I got terrible headaches and for the last 3 days - sickness. It comes a few hours after I take my pills and it lasts for a couple of hours... I literally feel like I'm gonna vomit and that sucks. These pills better be working for me. This side effects aren't a walk in the park. Did you have this kind of experience when you started taking your pills, my fellow darkened souls?

Hope I'll be able to go to sleep now. G'nite!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Essence - Crazy Me

Finally! I got my hands on all polishes from Essence Crazy About Color trend edition. The green one was the hardest to get, but there's nothing that my BF can't find for me. =) Pretty, pretty polishes.

I don't have to tell you that I like this one best, do I? It's green and it's awesome. Absolutely adorable and so unique. And the name suits me too! XD

Essence, Crazy Me, 2 coats

In my Crappy:

They should make more colors like this one. I don't have anything similar in my collection. Gorgeous! Sad thing is there are only 4 bottles of each shade per display. And I got all 4 green ones. Yep, that's right: Feline, Angie and rijaH, you're all getting one! =D

Thanks for looking!


I know I don't post photos of Puma. Here's the reason why: he's the most unphotogenic cat under the sun. I managed to snap 3 shots of him the other day. And these are the best I have so far.

He's always coming toward me and I literally have to run in front of him to get a shot. Dummy!
This cat is also the reason why Nordi didn't came home. I think I'll never see him again. Now there are only 4 cats left in my family. I miss them...

Wanna see where I've been on Sunday? I went climbing with the guys. =) Yeah, you won't see me on those rocks though. Not now anyway. It's been way to crowded and I don't have a proper equipment. Also: I'd have to chop my nails down to blood for this.

Panoramic photo, just for you. Can you find Waldo? XD

We've been discussing FaceBook and the reasons why I don't use my account. I decided to ask you guys. Would you like to see me on FaceBook? There's a poll in the sidebar right under my profile. Don't forget to vote! =)

Thanks for looking!

Models Own It...

...and those of us who aren't models apparently don't. Own it, that is.

I took the survey on Models Own It website a while ago. I got a 30% discount code for doing that. Thank you, Models Own! Then I realized that I can't use their 'buy 5 polishes get 7 GBP' discount offer with my discount code. So I had to choose. I calculated and my poor math skills told me that I got 2% discount istead of 30%. Let me explain that: if you buy their polishes without any codes, you get 28% duscount for every 5 polishes you buy. And if you use a code, you get a 30% discount. We all got butt raped, if you ask me...

Then again, who am I to tell them how to sell their polishes. I decided to order anyway. And to be a good sport, I asked my fellow nail polish junkies from Slovenia if they want to join in (so we could cut the costs as much as possible). This is what Models Own website says:

We are pleased to announce that international orders are now available, and are charged at the following fixed delivery rates (regardless of how many items are ordered):

International orders: 9.95 GBP

Please note that there is a minimum order amount of 30 GBP for all international orders.''

I really didn't think there's anything more I'd have to know, so my girls and I decided to order. I think there was 15 of us and we ordered a total of 57 polishes. The total cost was about 200 GBP and strangely... my PayPal didn't work on their site, so I had to enter my credit card information. Ooookeeey... I got my order confirmation soon after that and everything was OK at that time.

But why make customers happy, when you can make them miserable. I got this email from them:

''Thank you for your recent order with Models Own. Unfortunately we are unable to process the order at present due to the size of the order and the value of the package.

There are three options:
1. We could issue a refund for the whole order.
2. We could refund the cost of postage and you could organise a courier.
3. We could arrange a courier but you would have to make up the difference in postage (our items are usually sent by Royal Mail but we would have to use DHL or another courier company for an order of this size which would be significantly more expensive).

Please let me know how you wish to proceed.''

Did I see that right? I can arrange my own currier?! WTF? But interesting enough - they could take 200 GBP off my credit card account but couldn't figure this out sooner? Really?!
After I wanted an explanation, they told me there's a special section on their website where it says:

''We reserve the right to charge more if we feel your order contains an unusual amount of items.''

I asked them about the number of items that would count as usual amount, but I didn't get an answer. It's also funny that they reserve the right to charge more ''if they feel'' like it. If there's a minimum order amount, then you could also have a maximum order amount, right? Oh, that must be higher math for you...

It's been 9 days and I still got no answer. Maybe they'll claim that they never received my e-mail, like they did the first time... I ordered on April 11th and I still don't know if I got my money refunded or what. No sign from them... but there's a Models Own It person who's present *all the time* on Twitter. Maybe they should spend their time more wisely - like customer service. But that's just a suggestion.

I'm pissed, I admit that. Pissed at Models Own, pissed for disappointing all the girls who ordered with me... I won't deny it, Models Own have some great shades and I really like their Blue Gem polish, but they're not worth more that 4 GBP (with shipping). Especially not since 've found Catrice nail polishes.

So here you have it. Another online nail polish disappontment. I don't think I have to say it, but stil: I'll never buy from Models Own again.

After Cherry Culture, Head2Toe, Trans Design... I don't know if there's any reason for me to continue with all this.

Catrice London's Weather Forecast + Pure Ice In the Mood

Hello, hello! I'm baaaaack. =)

I just need to say that I was really happy with the Catrice London's Weather Forecast nail polish. this are the photos from day 3. No chips. =)

Note: Yes, I'm holding a gun, but it's only for target shooting. I'm still a pacifist and an animal lover. =)

I saw my new Pure Ice In the Mood polish sitting on my table so I just *had* to layer it over Catrice.

Catrice London's Weather Forecast + Pure Ice In the Mood

That's it for now. But I'm coming back soon with more photos.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Catrice - London's Weather Forecast

I'm leaving soon. I have to change the environment, so I'm going to my BF's for a couple of days. I'll be back soon though, 'cause I can't put up with all the drama in their house.

Anyway, I'll be wearing Catrice nail polish and I hope it's gonna stay on my nails. I really dont' feel like dragging my nail stash (files, cotton pads, acetone, base coat, polishes, top coat) with me.

Catrice, London't Weather Forecast, 2 coats

I love this one just as much as I love his blue brother from yesterday. It's amazing. The brush is so easy to work with. I did my manicure with absolutely NO clean-up. Usually I'll have to do clean-up on one or two nails (especially on my right hand), but not this time. I love it! And the color: well, you can see it. It's edgy and gorgeous!

I think this polish would go really nice with this outfit and jewellery. But that's just my taste... What do you think?

Thanks for looking!


She's growing so fast...

I never was a 'baby type' of person. But now I know what's all about. Seeing her smile is the best medicine. =)

Thanks for looking!

Gosh - Black Passion

I wore this nail polish daaaays ago. So what's this called? From the 'Nihrida's Vault' post? =)

Gosh, Black Passion, 2 coats

I don't remember having any special love or hate feeling about this one. The color is very nice though. =) Go get it, if you like it!

In shade:

Crappy photo with my relatively new black 'coral' bracelet.

Yes, I have black jeans that are looking like the ones on the photo. But mine are torn even more. And I *want* and *need* this T-shirt. Edward Scissorhands is my true love.

Thanks for looking!

New Tangle Teezer!

Guess what?! There are new Tangle Teezer brushes - Compact Stylers available. These babies are smaller than the original Tangle Teezer brushes and they also come with a plastic cover to protect the teeth - perfect for your handbag!

You can buy this brush on official Tangle Teezer site OR on special 'Nihrida' site on Modern Gent. Notice that 'Nihrida' site carries both gold and pink version of the new Compact Stylers? =D Yes, that's right. Even before it's available on the official site.

I haven't tried these new brushes, but I bet they're as good as the original ones. And also a note: I don't get any money from the sales that are made on Modern Gent. I just love TT so much! XD

Thanks for looking!
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