Friday, April 23, 2010

Catrice Nail Polish

Lookie, lookie what I gooooot! =) Thanks to a sweet lady, Mamy from Parokeets!
My first Catrice polishes:

I Sea You (25o) looks a lot like Misa Dirty Sexy Money and other dusty green shades. This one is a gorgeous creme. Loooooooove!

Sold Out For Ever (240) reminded me of Calire's Dream Catcher. Guess what: they're almost dupes. Let's say they're identical twins. ;) Dream Catcher contains more shimmer though.

London's Weather Forecast (280) is so beautiful, I can't even find the words. Gorgeous grey with shimmer... Must love weather in London, I guess.

Lucky in Lilac (130) is not the most original color, but I couldn't resist it. Beautiful lilac creme.

It Blue My Mind (270) is blue shimmer. I said I don't own enough blue shades, so here it is. Very close to Essence SYF Deep Blue Sea, but I love that one, so I'm not going to complain. =)

Thanks for looking!


  1. Wow, beautiful! Especially that London is calling to me... :)

  2. Wow wow wow! Love them all!!!

  3. Wow, nice choice :) I discovered Catrice not long ago, they have some Chanel dupes ! I like it because I'll never pay so much for a brand like Chanel or Dior ... They have great shades :)

  4. I really love the last one. Catrice polishes are nice! I have three purples from the purple passion collex and I lovvvvvvvvvve them

  5. I've received my first Ctarice polishes too *cheer*. Two are the same as yours - London's weather forecast and I sea you!, the third is Plum Play With me :)

  6. very pretty!!

  7. Joooj jaz tudi hočem Catrice lakce! :) Drugače pa čudovite pridobitve :)

  8. I can't even pick a favorite they are all so gorgeous!


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