Thursday, April 22, 2010

CC Pure Energy VS ChG Towel Boy Toy

Color Club Pure Energy and China Glaze Towel Boy Toy look so similar in bottles I *had* to make this comparison.

They look alike, but are quite different. They both have the ''same'' tuquoise-teal-ish blue base, but they contain different shimmer. Pure Energy is filled with gorgeous green/turquoise shimmer and China Glaze has true blue (not teal) shimmer and it's not that visible.

Since these two polishes are both neons, the photos aren't really accurate. Just trust me when I say you need them both. =) I'll tell you why.

Here they are. Can you guess which is on which nail?

Can you see the difference?

As I said, these photos aren't accurate. The color difference is really obvious in real life. Towel Boy Toy (3 coats) is darker and more opaque. It looks like a nice middle toned blue and you have to look closer to see the shimmer. Pure Energy on the other hand is less opaque and it needs 4 coats. It looks lighter and green-ish. I can't really decide wether it's turquoise or teal. It's packed with shimmer and it has that 'mermaid' look. Gorgeous!

Again: they might look similar (or even dupe-ish) in the bottles or on my photos, but when you apply them to your nails, they look totally different. ChG looks blue and CC looks...well it looks like a mermaid's tail. =) They're both incredibly beautiful and if you're a blue/neon girl, you got to get them both.

I'd totally wear this outfit with either one of them. Possibly with shorts underneath the dress (it looks suspiciously short). =)

Thanks for looking!


  1. It's visible that they are different, especially on the last photo. I prefer CC.

  2. Orginally I was just going to get Towel Boy Toy but now I need two new polishes!

  3. They both look great! I prefer the CC one though...the outfit you chose is perfect with them! I love that dress!!!


  4. I can not see any difference between them, but I can see that both are very beautiful

  5. frick now I gotta get the CC ones too...

  6. OK, I must have the CC AND that whole outfit.....crap.


  7. Such a pretty blue!

  8. The last picture makes it obvious how different they are. :) Thanks for the comparison.

  9. Both are pretty pretty blues! I had the CC but swapped, maybe Ill just replace it with the ChG. Thanks for the comps!

  10. I've really been enjoying how you put up a coordinating outfit with your polish swatches!

  11. They are both gorgeous but I think I'd prefer TBT, if I had to chose only one ^^

  12. Love those sandals! Nice color match!

  13. The difference is really obvious to me. I'd rather wear that shirt (yes shirt, cause that ain't a dress to me) over some skinny jeans or something.


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