Saturday, April 17, 2010

Don't Litter

Today was a very special day in Slovenia. No, it wasn't a holiday. It's was a day when we tried to clean the environment by picking up the waste that collected in all the years. The idea came from Estonia and I'm glad to say: the action was a very successful one. =)

According to the media, more than 13% of Slovenian population participated in this. I wanted to be useful too... This is what we (my 2 sisters, my BF and I) picked up:

I'm very conscious about littering and what it can do to the environment. That's why I always use the trash bin. What about you?

Thanks for looking!


  1. Good job =) I always use it, too. How are you getting on without meat so far? and do you eat fish, btw?

  2. Uh, ste bili pridni :)
    Midve s prijateljico sva tudi šli in našli vse od vreč z živalskimi trupli in kostmi, kupov plenic, pa še in še... Brrr :S
    Ne razumem tega - na vsakih 500 m ali še manj imamo postavljene zabojnike za ločevanje odpadkov. A ne, folk se raje odpelje par kilometrov, da lahko smeti vrže v potok ali gozd. Mislim...

  3. i pick up litter around my apartment and i teach my children to put it up reuse it. earth day in the us is this coming thursday the 22nd. at my class we're going to clean up too. wonderful idea+minimal efforts= HUGE results

  4. I'm doing OK. Thanks for asking. And no, I don't eat fish or any other animals. Unless a spider crawls into my mouth at night. =)

  5. Uf, mi smo našli prašičjo glavo, no lobanjo. Sploh si ne predstavljam, da bi pobirala vreče s trupelci... Pobijem vse ljudi ki jih srečam tisti dan. Tudi jaz ne razumem. Ne razumem metanja papirčkov, drugega sranja. Da ne govorim o kakšnih večjih predmetih. Saj so kosovni odpadi za to! Golazen človeška.

  6. You're great! =***

  7. Yeah for picking up the garbage. What a petty place to be picking it up. Looks like a rustic country setting beyond the pile of collected garbage bagged to go.

  8. Skulda - http://skuldasclaws.blogspot.comApril 18, 2010 at 8:17 AM

    great job!!!!!

  9. Keep up the good work!
    I have to agree with peripatetic33, that photo makes me want to go to Slovenia. Right away.

    Have you come across any ridiculous items?

  10. Yeah, you can find some really interesting things picking up garbage!

  11. Hi Sasha: My brother works for the State of NC inspecting landfills. We have to be careful about what we throw in the trash when he's around. I guess I can see where he's coming from, though, when he sees what goes in the landfills. I have a water bottle that I use over and over when I have to drive a long distance so I won't have to stop and buy water somewhere.

  12. Well done Sasha and family. A great job. A big well done to the 13% who also participated in the event. Just imagine if everyone did a bit how good it would be.


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