Thursday, April 22, 2010

Enrapture Eye Make Up Tutorial

Remember the Illamasqua Enrapture look? I got a request to do a tutorial, so why not making a quick and dirty one... =)

Start with the naked eye, use primer, powder or whatever it is you use before applying your eye make up. I normally use Urban Decay Primer Potion, but I didn't use it this time. It's just a tutorial people (and a bad one too).

Are you still alive after seeing my naked eye? Ok, some of you are. Let's move on. Here are the products that I used.

Illamasqua Liquid Metal Palette. I only used the color in Enraptured.

Vollare Quatro 3D eyeshadow palette. This one is dirt cheap, it doesn't have a name and I love it.
I used colors that are numbered.

Very important part - the brushes:
1 - Coastal Scents Chisel Fluff Medium brush
2 - I forgot the name and where I bought this one... *blushes* sorry!
3 - Coastal Scents Italian Badger Round Crease brush
4 - Coastal Scents Chisel Detail Mini brush
5 - Coastal Scents Black Taklon Angle Liner brush

And no. 6: Essence Black Mania eye pencil

1) Apply Illamasqua Enrapture to your upped lid (with Medium Chisel brush). Add Vollare eyeshadow in number 1 and 2 over it (with brush no. 2).

2) Apply black eyeliner to your waterline.

3) Repeat step 1 on lower lid with Chisel Medium and Mini Detail brushes. Use darker eyeshadow on the outer side of your eye.

4) Apply Vollare eyeshadow (no. 3) to your crease and outer side of the eyelids with Round Crease brush. Blend in the colors.
Use Taklon Angle Liner brush to fill in the eyebrows (I used eyeshadow no. 3 for this too).
Apply mascara and you're done!

I didn't apply mascara, 'cause I didn't feel like removing it right after. Also: I'm not *that* much into make up and I'm far from being a make up guru... Be easy on me, ok? =) Thanks!

Thank you for looking!


  1. Sem hotela komentirat pa ni slo o.O! Ne vem zakaj...

    V glavnem mi je ful vsec koncni look ;)! Love it! Kaj zdaj se ti sencke kaj bolje drzijo, ko si uporabila kremno sencko spodaj?

    Drugace pa copic st.5 je genialen! Love it <3!
    In copic st 2 je iz mullerja ;).

  2. Pretty make up! You have very gorgeous eyes!

  3. Hvala, Tamara! =) V bistvu mi tele kremne senčke ne ležijo najbolj. Imam preveč mastne veke in gre vseeno po določenem času v gubo. :/
    Je pa definitivno bolje, kot pa če bi nanesla samo kremno senčko in nič drugega.
    Se strinjam s teboj Taklon Angle liner je super! =) Se mi je zdelo, da imam čopič tudi iz Mullerja, pa se nikakor nisem mogla spomniti katerega. =) Hvala za info! =D

  4. Thanks! And right back at you! =)

  5. great look! I'm seriously loving your brows:)

  6. gorgeous! maybe you're not a MU guru (yet), but you're on the right way to become one ;)

    brush #2 goes by the name Body & Soul Lidschattenpinsel :D

  7. Well, at least one of us like them. =) Thanks!

  8. If you're not much into makeup and not a makeup guru, you're sure good at it. Your eye color is to die for.

  9. Damn! I was just thinking- if I had a Server that looked like you on my staff, the entire State Police force and Prison Gard force would be in the restaurant just to get a look at you.

    Btw- I am dead serious.

  10. Wow, thanks for this! I am going to try and replicate it with my own products (I haven't get the money for Illamasqua atm)

  11. You have the most amazing eyes and eyebrows, even without makeup

  12. This is a really really pretty look! Where did you get that palette from? And the 2nd brush looks like Studio Tools from Target (just taking a guess).

  13. Love the look gonna try it but instead of Circle i have Orange
    soda home hope it gives the same effect


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