Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gosh - Black Passion

I wore this nail polish daaaays ago. So what's this called? From the 'Nihrida's Vault' post? =)

Gosh, Black Passion, 2 coats

I don't remember having any special love or hate feeling about this one. The color is very nice though. =) Go get it, if you like it!

In shade:

Crappy photo with my relatively new black 'coral' bracelet.

Yes, I have black jeans that are looking like the ones on the photo. But mine are torn even more. And I *want* and *need* this T-shirt. Edward Scissorhands is my true love.

Thanks for looking!


  1. thats a pretty shade...

  2. Looks great on you and matches the outfit perfectly:)

  3. Such a pretty polish and I love those shoes! :)

  4. This is nice! Reminds me of OPI Baby It's "Coal" Outside. :)

  5. That is one sexy polish! Your nails are just beautiful!

  6. Yay for Edward Scissorhands! I love all your jewelry. I recently bought the lion ring that you posted about. =)


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