Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Models Own It...

...and those of us who aren't models apparently don't. Own it, that is.

I took the survey on Models Own It website a while ago. I got a 30% discount code for doing that. Thank you, Models Own! Then I realized that I can't use their 'buy 5 polishes get 7 GBP' discount offer with my discount code. So I had to choose. I calculated and my poor math skills told me that I got 2% discount istead of 30%. Let me explain that: if you buy their polishes without any codes, you get 28% duscount for every 5 polishes you buy. And if you use a code, you get a 30% discount. We all got butt raped, if you ask me...

Then again, who am I to tell them how to sell their polishes. I decided to order anyway. And to be a good sport, I asked my fellow nail polish junkies from Slovenia if they want to join in (so we could cut the costs as much as possible). This is what Models Own website says:

We are pleased to announce that international orders are now available, and are charged at the following fixed delivery rates (regardless of how many items are ordered):

International orders: 9.95 GBP

Please note that there is a minimum order amount of 30 GBP for all international orders.''

I really didn't think there's anything more I'd have to know, so my girls and I decided to order. I think there was 15 of us and we ordered a total of 57 polishes. The total cost was about 200 GBP and strangely... my PayPal didn't work on their site, so I had to enter my credit card information. Ooookeeey... I got my order confirmation soon after that and everything was OK at that time.

But why make customers happy, when you can make them miserable. I got this email from them:

''Thank you for your recent order with Models Own. Unfortunately we are unable to process the order at present due to the size of the order and the value of the package.

There are three options:
1. We could issue a refund for the whole order.
2. We could refund the cost of postage and you could organise a courier.
3. We could arrange a courier but you would have to make up the difference in postage (our items are usually sent by Royal Mail but we would have to use DHL or another courier company for an order of this size which would be significantly more expensive).

Please let me know how you wish to proceed.''

Did I see that right? I can arrange my own currier?! WTF? But interesting enough - they could take 200 GBP off my credit card account but couldn't figure this out sooner? Really?!
After I wanted an explanation, they told me there's a special section on their website where it says:

''We reserve the right to charge more if we feel your order contains an unusual amount of items.''

I asked them about the number of items that would count as usual amount, but I didn't get an answer. It's also funny that they reserve the right to charge more ''if they feel'' like it. If there's a minimum order amount, then you could also have a maximum order amount, right? Oh, that must be higher math for you...

It's been 9 days and I still got no answer. Maybe they'll claim that they never received my e-mail, like they did the first time... I ordered on April 11th and I still don't know if I got my money refunded or what. No sign from them... but there's a Models Own It person who's present *all the time* on Twitter. Maybe they should spend their time more wisely - like customer service. But that's just a suggestion.

I'm pissed, I admit that. Pissed at Models Own, pissed for disappointing all the girls who ordered with me... I won't deny it, Models Own have some great shades and I really like their Blue Gem polish, but they're not worth more that 4 GBP (with shipping). Especially not since 've found Catrice nail polishes.

So here you have it. Another online nail polish disappontment. I don't think I have to say it, but stil: I'll never buy from Models Own again.

After Cherry Culture, Head2Toe, Trans Design... I don't know if there's any reason for me to continue with all this.


  1. I really dont understand why it is so hard to be up front or just ship the damned product. It really isnt all that high. I ship stuff overseas ALL the time.

  2. That totally suck. I'm glad I just closed down the window after considering an order with them the other week! And really, after all the recent shit, Cherry Culture's shipping seems darn decent again. If I pay what I usually pay at TD in shipping costs, I can usually fit 12 polishes. And they're fucking chea, some of 'em.

  3. Yeah... that really sucks. I have to say that I didn't bother with the order myself because after shipping and not the double code, there was no bargain in my mind.

  4. Well I know one thing, Model's Own is never gonna see me ordering from them. the risk of such a mess is too high. it's such a shame that customers are treated like this.

  5. that's really dissapointing- there are only a few (european) shops left where I can buy opi's, china glaze but their stock is limited too- it seems like they don't want us to own/buy any of their polishes

  6. Evil Angel (AKA missnono)April 27, 2010 at 3:06 PM

    I am so sorry and I just don't understand why companies are doing this.
    I guess us Stateside girls are going to have to set up some CP's for our dear overseas friends!

  7. Odd that they don't have it set up so there's a maximum level as well? They must have come across this type of problem before, or do they think their polishes are so damn fine that people will pay all that AND get a courrier?

  8. you always have meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =) I'll send stuff to ya =) fuck those companies. I get it cheaper anyway so they can suck it

  9. you do have such a way with words ;)

  10. I don't understand why people are acting as if Model's Own are doing this to be bad people. Maybe they just hadn't considered that people would order in group and order almost 60 polishes when they wrote "regardless of how many polishes are ordered". Yes, they have 77 shades of nailpolish, but I don't think they'd imagined that an ordinary customer would order all of them at once. I don't think their shipping insurance covers such big orders. They did send you an email and inform you about this and they did give you several options on what to do next and they did ask you how you'd like to see this problem solved. If they did send the 60 polishes with Royal Mail and it got lost, you'd still have been charged for it and their insurance would not have covered the loss. They could also have proceeded and sent them with another courier, and that would've meant that you would have had to pay extra for that without having made the decision.

  11. This is such BS. Why is this happening all of a sudden? I was going to put an order together for TD and suddenly they've doubled their shipping charges. I understand why, but it sucks!! I'm not ure wher else I'm going to be able to order all those US polishes for a decent amount.

  12. I'm sorry, but i thought I must butt in here(sorry!)
    When you are running a business, you can't just assume that some1 won't make a big order. I think the approach of the company was unprofessional. if they can't send so many polishes, they shouldn't have accepted the order in the first place. but that's just my opinion....

  13. this really sucks, they should think of a solution how to ship it, like you pay for one package but they send in 3 or something.
    really very unprofessional behaviour :(

  14. Oh this is shitty :(

  15. I guess not all agree with that... :/ Well, I don't say...if that's their policy, OK. But their customer service sucks so bad, it's unbelievable.

  16. As I already said. Models Own CS sucks! And I mean, really sucks. There's a person hanging on Twitter ALL effing day and they can't reply to my e-mail in 10 days... Then they claim they never got it. Dumbasses!

  17. Exactly! And their polishes are quite expensive, IMO.

  18. I'm just hoping I'll get my money back. It sucks so bad...not knowing if they refunded it or not. I didn't get a word from them.

  19. It's getting harder and harder for us (EU girls) to buy nail polish and it sucks. It's like we live in the 19th century.

  20. Me neither. I'd be in the crapper without my US friends. (((hugs)))

  21. I'd love to see their maximum order amount. Now I'm really curious. This is just crazy...

  22. Thank goodness for my US friends! But what about all the girls who don't have connections? This totally sucks.

  23. I do? XD Thanks! ...I guess. =)

  24. @Annelie: They aren't doing this to be bad people. But they also aren't doing anything to not look bad. Like replying to my e-mails. Would that be something unheard of?
    If someone explicitly writes: regardless of how many items are orderd, they should expect large orders too. It's not like I ordered 1000 bottles.
    And yes, they did send me an email with the explanation (or better yet a poor excuse for an explanation). But they still took my money and never responded to me after I told them to refund it. That's not how things should be handled. I bet you'd think differently if it was YOUR money.

  25. Smells a conspiracy... XD

  26. A lot of companies would send it for free when you order in that kind of amount...but they made it as difficult as possible.

  27. Their payment software isn't great. I got to checkout with the 30% code and the cart seemed to update with both codes giving me great value! BUT they wouldn't accept my cards - not my fault - they admitted they had trouble with their site.
    They got back to me ASAP. I'm in the UK so maybe we get preferential treatment? Don't know but I have had great service from them before. A freebie and plenty of support.
    Honestly though - shipping overseas isn't hard. I do it! And I'm just me.
    But we Europeans don't get a good deal. Look at the Zoya offer that we can't access. You do have to go through lots of hoops to get 15ml of fluid from one place to another. Crazy.

  28. They suck!!! Thast all I ahve to say!

  29. Thanks for sharing this. Was pretty happy with my 20-polish order back when they had the half off sale. Packages arrived in pretty black boxes and they only charged me GBP 5 for shipping international. Wanted to order again and was thinking of pooling orders w/ fellow nail polish fans too.

    But then again - this is sooooo unreasonable. You are entitled to order and they should stay true to that flat rate shipping fee they set. They have now ruined their credibility by canceling your "suspicious order". I agree, postage is expensive but STOP PUTTING FLAT RATE FEES on a per order basis if you can't stick to it! Ugh!

    Now I don't think I'll order from them again. Too bad - I loved the first bunch of polishes I got!

  30. Awww, you did get butt raped! Generally I buy under 20 bottles of polish at a time because I don't trust any of the e-tailers to ship a huge package safely. It sucks. I've been really disappointed in the e-tailers lately.


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