Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Tangle Teezer!

Guess what?! There are new Tangle Teezer brushes - Compact Stylers available. These babies are smaller than the original Tangle Teezer brushes and they also come with a plastic cover to protect the teeth - perfect for your handbag!

You can buy this brush on official Tangle Teezer site OR on special 'Nihrida' site on Modern Gent. Notice that 'Nihrida' site carries both gold and pink version of the new Compact Stylers? =D Yes, that's right. Even before it's available on the official site.

I haven't tried these new brushes, but I bet they're as good as the original ones. And also a note: I don't get any money from the sales that are made on Modern Gent. I just love TT so much! XD

Thanks for looking!


  1. Loved the pink one. That's something i'd love to carry in my bag :).

  2. mhhhh i like the idea of the compact tts but we have a bunch around - i don't need a new one. purple glitter at home, pink for my daughter, black in my bag ... :D

  3. I have a brush that ruins my hair. :( I can't find a brush that I like. I'm down with trying this. If I can afford it, I'm going to get he purple one! I wish they had a black or purple compact for my purse!

  4. Gah! I just noticed they don't have the purple on your site. I had long LONg hair for most of my life. I chopped it off because it was so damaged. I want it back! *crai*


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