Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pink Creme Comparison

I don't feel like removing my Mood nail polish yet. And it's sticking to the nails quite good too. =) So, here's a creme pink comparison for you.

I recently bought Color Club She's So Glam nail polish and I wanted to see if I have any dupes in my collection. Here are the closest shades I have.

I decided to swatch only Essence, CC and BPAL ones. The others are way off anyway. =)

Index & pinkie: Color Club She's So Glam
Middle: Essence Not Just Cute
Ring: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Croquet

I used 2 coats of CC and BPAL but Essence required 3 coats. The best application was with the BPAL one. There's no wonder why I love this polish so much. It's gorgeous and the quality is great. Don't get me wrong, I love the other two too. And even though these are all pretty close, I *need* them all. =D Tell me: which is your favorite pink creme?

I might or might not wear this outfit. Love the bracelet, T-shirt and boots though. =) Everything on the photo is from Polyvore.

Thanks for looking!


  1. tele roziji so mi super <3
    kombinacija pa utrgana ;)tudi jaz še nekaj časa ustvarjam na polyvore pa se še nisem odločila a bi objavljala al ne.. ti si se tole super spomnila! =)

  2. Zelo so mi všeč tejle tvoje polivore sestavljanke. Zdaj bom po dolgem času spet tudi jaz kaj sestavljala :)

  3. Pretty shades. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab! I just love that name!

  4. nice comparison !!! i love this color !!! perfect on your nails :)

  5. ~Elizabeth aka Lacquered LizardApril 4, 2010 at 6:47 PM

    Beautiful Girl and Bubblegum Pink look dupish too.
    These three are pretty much the same to me but I do see the deeper pigmentation of Croquet so that would be my choice. The others would stay on the shelf. I only need one pink creme of this tone. :)

  6. I wonder why i LOOOVE these pinks on others (in this case: yours) nails, but when I get them on mine I want to puke???

  7. i think that the bpal polish would have to be my favorite too. but they all look great on you! and i love the outfits :)

  8. What about ChG Something Sweet? It might be pretty close to these colors. I love the outfits btw :)

  9. Croquet is my favorite for you on your perfectly manicured nails!! your outfit is so rad - I love the entire ensemble!! Rock it girl!! :-)

  10. I always love these posts of yours! And also liking the outfit thing you've been doing lately :-D

  11. Ok , ^ that was me, whoops! Haha..

  12. Such pretty pinks! Three of them look very close. Croquet is a touch deeper. I have many pinks but I don't remember which pink is my favorite. I just got Milani's Neon-Pink Hottie. I'm wearing that today and I love it.


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