Friday, May 28, 2010

Eurovision Part 3

Yeah. Second semi-final is through and Slovenia didn't make it to the final. Shocker? Not really.

I made a list of the countries that (in my opinion) should have made it to finale. Countries in bold are the ones that actually made it (I made this list during the performances).

1. Lituahia (wearing those little, silver & blingy panties... worthy of finale)
2. Armenia (apricot stones, yeah... but I want to see those melons again in finale XD)
3. Denmark (boring, but good song)
4. Sweden (she's a blonde with a guitar, what more do you need)
5. Azerbaijan (wannabe Beyonce)
6. Ukraine (BEST song of this years Eurovision, IMO)

7. Romania (great high notes, gotta admit that; hey do I hear Poker Face in there?)
8. Georgia (great voice)
9. Croatia (one of them was really of key... but still)
10. Turkey (they call that ''hard'')

As you can see, I was wrong with three songs/countries. Instead of them Israel, Ireland and Cyprus made it to finale.

I couldn't believe it, but there was actually one song that was even worse than ours. The Netherlands song. Now, that's *bad*.

I won't talk about fashion, 'cause there wouldn't be much to talk about... But as we could see ''drapes skirts'' (as I call them) were really popular this year. We could see them on the contestants from Croatia, Azerbaijan, Denmark and Armenia.

We could see a lot of bare feet also (Armenia, Croatia, Georgia) - did recession kick in? XD

Here are the hosts of this year's Eurovision:

My immediate thoughts on the male host: Barney Stinson? (rijaH will get this one). XD

And another thing. Eurovision is a joke. No, I'm not talking about the show (at least not this time), I'm talking about the name. No, my dear reader, your knowledge of geography isn't that bad. There are really some countries that participate in Eurovision, but aren't a part of Europe. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Israel are actually a part of Asia (at least they were when I was in high school). But it depends on who you ask, I guess. Maybe the Europe is expanding like universe. Who'd know. ;)

Yeah, I'm not gonna torture you anymore. Let's wrap it up, shall we. As I said, I root for Ukraine and a note: I genuinely dislike German song. It's annoying as hell (again - that's just my opinion, I'm sure a lot of you will like it).

Which one is your favorite?

Thanks for looking!

Bloom - Osaka

I finally tried out Bloom polish. No, I did not go with Bianca. I randomly picked this one:

Bloom, Osaka, 3 coats

Osaka is a gorgeous pansy purple with pink shimmer. Actually, that shimmer looks more like pink specks, dipped into the purple base. It needs 3 coats to be completely opaque.

In my Crappy:

Did I say it's pansy purple? =D

Thanks for looking!

Little Visitor

Look who decided to visit. It's a little Green Lizard also known as European lizard (Lacerta viridis).

Once it grows up, it'll be almost completely green and if it's male his throat will turn blue. =) I already sent out the information about my finding to the Reptiles of Slovenia project site. Hopefully I did something useful.

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Eurovision Part 2. 2

Today is the day. The 2nd semi-finale. I'm gonna laugh at our failure. *evil grin*

Here are two more Eurovision songs that I liked.

1. Sertab Erener - Everyway That I Can (Riga, 2003, winner)

2. Hanna Pakarinen - Leave Me Alone (Helsinki, 2007, 17th place)

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Swamp Retro

Shrek has fallen into the swamp. Can you say Shre-tro? XD
This is the ugliest manicure I've ever worn. Hell, I think it's the ugliest manicure I've ever seen.
Gotta change it *fast*.

Base: Pure Ice - Wild Thing
Pattern: Essence - Spicy (creme version)
Konad IP M65

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I went to my parents room to ask my father how he's feeling (he's having headaches too). And I found this on their bed. This is one nasty chihuahua. That's all I'm gonna say.

P.S.: This isn't the first photo of him in this pose.

Thanks for looking!

Eurovision Part 2. 1

I've heard many Eurovision songs, but only few stayed in my memory until today.

1. Lordi - Hard Rock Hallelujah (Athens, 2006, winner)
This song is the best Eurovision song of all times IMO. And it's not even a good song. But it was a breakthrough and the only time I actually voted for someone. Lordi got my vote. =)

2. Ruslana - Wild Dances (Istanbul, 2004, winner)
Everyone looked like they came out of the forest on the next year's competition. XD

3. Verka Serduchka - Dancing Lasha Tumbai (Helsinki, 2007, 2nd place)
What can I say? =) Crazy, original, funny. I love this. XD

4. Marija Šerifovič - Molitva (Helsinki, 2007, winner)
Best ballad of Eurovision. You'd need to understand the lyrics... I always get goose bumps while listening to it. Molitva = Prayer.

I have 4 more songs that I really liked. Any guesses which ones?

Thanks for looking!

Pure Ice - Wild Thing

Thank you, Angie! Thanks for sending me this gorgeously ugly Shrek green. =)

Pure Ice, Wild Thing, 2 coats

I love Pure Ice polishes. I only have a few, but I dare to say I love them. The brush could be better but I don't mind being a little careful with the application. Other than that - it's great!

Wild Thing needed a wild make up to go with it. This was my inspiration. As you can see, my version isn't as perfect or drag-ish. But I still like it. =)

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Eurovision Part 1

I know I have a lot of non EU readers, but still. Today is the first day (out of three) of Eurovision. I never was a huge fan of this even, but today I felt like sharing. XD

First of all, let me just say that Slovenia sucks on Eurovision. We usually send such crappy songs it's no wonder noone gives us points. This year is just like that. I'm ashamed really. We have great a few great musicians here, but they don't want to have anything to do with this event. Wonder why... *coughs* =)

Do you *really* want to hear it? Really? It sucks so bad and I know I'm gonna regret it...but here it goes... THIS is Slovenian song for Eurovision. *vomits* They wanted to make a cool mix of our folk music (with harmonica and all - polka anyone?) and rock... But this is just crap. If you want to hear some good Slovenian folk music, you'll have to listen to Avseniki. This song (in the link) is actually the most played instrumental song in all of Europe. That's saying something. =)

Eurovision is taking place in Norway this year, because the last year's winner is Norwegian. And darn cute too, if I may add. His smile is contageous and the music isn't that bad either.

This is Alexander Rybak who won last year with the song Fairytale. Try not to fall in love with his dimples, ok? XD I already did. But I'm weak like that.

I'll be back with more... Gotta watch the show now. =)

Thanks for looking!

Cooling Mask

I got this mask from Splattergirl, but I've seen it before on various beauty blogs. Unfortunately, I don't speak or read Japanese, so I didn't really know what to expect or what the ingredients are... but I'm sure you can find it online if you want to. ;)

I like face masks. And this one looked so cool. And it is cool. My face was freezing while I had it on. It's also very, very moisty and kind of slimy. I didn't notice any special effect on my skin, but this one would be *perfect* for those days when you're out on the sun for too long and your skin feels hot and burnt. In those cases, this is the mask for you! Moisture and cooling in one package.

I just realized how stupid this post is. I don't know where to buy this mask, I don't know how much it costs, I don't know the ingredients and I don't know what it's supposed to do. XD I just know that it's perfect for summer days. I'm sure one of you (my readers) know where to get this mask, so please share with us in the comment section.

EDIT: I just found out it's made in Taiwan and that you can buy it on Ebay for 16.50 USD (for 10 masks). Just type in ''cooling mask'' and look for those with snowflakes on the package. =)

Thanks for reading this useless post!

China Glaze - DV8

I really liked my yesterday's manicure, but I had to wash my hair and then it chipped just a little on one fingernail... I also got a GREAT nail mail from Jake aka ToePaintGuy and that did it. I *had* to change my mani. Thank you, Jake! :*

China Glaze, DV8, 2 coats

I used no base or top coat with this one. I think I had some troubles with application of OMG (polish from the same collection) over base coat, so I just skipped that step and I'm keeping my fingers crossed this one won't stain my nails.
The application was really, really easy. No problems at all. It's also very opaque - practically completely opaque in one coat, but you have to add a second coat to get the desired depth.

What else do I need to say? I absolutely LOVE this polish. It looks pretty inside (tealish chrome), but when you go outside (if there's sun of course) - Kaboom!!! Pure awesomeness. =)

I recommend wearing this polish on a sunny day. But it does ''work'' under artificial lighting too.
Photo on left shows DV8 on sunshine and photo on right shows DV8 in my Crappy.

So, what do you think?

Thanks for looking!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Can anyone can help me find China Glaze Spellbound nail polish? It would be awesome to own it, so the next time DB sign my bewbs I'd be rocking Spellbound. XD

Any help would be much appreciated. =)


Guppy - 64

I got this polish all the way from Dubai. Thank you, Thriszha! =D

Can you see what color it is? I can't even explain it. It's a black/charcoal base with silver, purple and pink specks in it. Vampy, mysterious and very sexy.
I love the brush and formula: the consistency is just right and it's also very opaque. The brush is really easy to work with and I think I just found my new love. =)

Guppy, 64, 2 coats

It's a very hard one to photograph, but it's gorgeous nontheless. I think it just might be the most enigmatic polish there is. What do you think?

Thanks for looking!

Gaia Overload

Fat kitty is fat and I love her.

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Only Happy When It Rains

For Vita

This manicure is dedicated to my little niece Vita. =)

Base: NYC Magenta Flash
Pattern: China Glaze Something Sweet (konad IP M78)
Fing'rs Edge Royal Punk decal

Thanks for looking!


I heard about those blue creatures called Na'vi and their planet Pandora even before I saw the movie. That's a shocker! It was impossible not to hear about it, 'cause everybody was talking about it and I was sure it would be the next Lord of the Rings (the most epic movie of all times, IMO). I was wrong...

So, what's the story? American army finds something very valuable on someone else's territory and they want to have it (money makes the world go round even in outer space). No, that valuable thing is not oil and this movie isn't placed in Afganistan. That would be ridiculos. I mean, who would be on the Afganistan's side, right? *wink wink*
Think of it like this: (Afganistan) people follow the little fat rabbit, fall into a hole and find themselves in wonderland called planet Pandora. They're blue here and they have modified dogs, horses, rhinocerous and dinosaur birds (cause let's face it... it still a cretaceous period there). *2nd wink wink* Still, I think the Americans are trying to fool us. The scenery looks a lot like Las Vegas when the night comes. Did they build a second Vegas in the jungle? *scratches head*

Anyway. It doesn't matter where the story takes place. We all love those rainbow warriors (?) with funky ear piercings and their abnormal connection with the nature, don't we? Their way of connecting with nature is a bit too literal for me and I wanted to call ASPCA when they assaulted all those innocent horses and birds... But then I realized: it's important to be in connection with yourself. Let's face it. Their connecting ''tool'' is quite far from their body and could easily be chopped of. That means no more connection... wireless maybe... Oh, I strayed.

I don't really care where they got the inspiration for the Na'vi and Pandora. Whether it's Las Vegas, Tarzan, native americans or 300. Cause: ''This is Spartaaaaaaaaaaaa!'' Oh, sorry. I meant to say: ''This is our land!'' And they have the right to fight for it. And rape an animal or two while doing it.

It's all OK. Not really original, but OK. I was more disappointed with their choice of actresses. It seems like nothing can happen in outer space if Sigourney Weaver isn't there. But then again: she is part alien, right? And Michelle Rodriguez. Was that chick born in a military uniform? Geez!

I didn't hate the movie. It's OK. But that's it, nothing more. I think it had a little to many of those flying scenes in it and I'd probably be bored with those scenes even if I saw this movie in 3D.

Three movie clip boards are more than enough, don't you think? :)

Lord of the Rings still rocks my boat. Go, Frodo!

Thanks for looking!


So, your nails are painted and you want a change, but you don't want/don't have time to remove your current mani. You could add glitter, matte top coat, Konad or other form of nail art. Wait a minute! What about a sheer holographic polish?! Let's recycle!

Studio M - Energy Star + Essence - Metal Babe

I know it's no Reclaim, but I still like it. =)

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Can you guess which movie I saw today? XD

I have more important stuff to do, but I decided I *need* to make my version of those blue creatures with vampire teeth, Mr. Tumnus ears with funky piercings and creepy pony tails. Distorting my face seemed like the best thing to do...

Ecobola Laundry Ball

I know this post is a bit unusual, but when I find a great product, I feel the need to share. =)

About a month ago I purchased so called laundry balls on Ebay. One for my sister and one for my mother. I wasn't sure if they are gonna work, 'cause there are so many different ones and I don't even know which one is the ''original'' product.
I ended up with Ecobola. I bought it via american Ebay, got it from Thailand and everything that was written on the box was in spanish. Weird.

This is what it looks like:

About Ecobola: It contains three types of ceramic balls which generate negative ions and infrared radiation (which causes lower surface tension of water). Washing your laundry with Ecobola will leave your clothes clean, soft and odor free. It's supposed to last for up to 1500 uses.

I'm not gonna tell you about what it promises, I'm just gonna tell you what it does. =)
* It reduces the use of detergent for 80%. That's great for people with sensitive skin, allergies and other skin conditions and let's not forget about the environment.
* It reduces the use of fabric softener for 80%. Clothes are still soft and smell nice, but you won't have to use as much softener. Your wallet will be happy and so will be the environment.
* It leaves clothes clean, soft, odor free - just like it promises (don't expect miracles though - those nasty baby stains need a larger amount of detergent, but still a lot less than without a laundry ball).

You have to keep in mind that there are different laundry balls on the market. Read the description before you buy it and follow the instructions once you purchase it. =)

I bought 2 Ecobola laundry balls via Ebay for 23€ (for both) with shipping. Now *that* is cheap. I think it already paid off. =D

Do you have a laundry ball? What do you think about it? And if you don't have it - are you considering getting one?

Thanks for looking!

NYC - Magenta Flash

I got this nail polish from Tiffany and if my memory serves me right, this is my first NYC polish.
I'm amazed by it's quality. If I didn't know which brand it was, I'd say it's Zoya. It has that thin formula, but it's opaque anyway (it reminds me so much of Zoya Alix). It dries rather quickly as it says on the bottle. Well, don't expect miracles though.
I don't know the price of these polishes, but if you can get them, I'd really recommend you to buy them. At least to try it. I love it!

NYC, Magenta Flash, 3 coats

2 coats of this magenta color would have been enough. But you know me. =)

And a stud overdose to go with the Magenta Flash. XD Love the t-shirt and the shoes (but these are something that only Rihanna would wear in public). I think.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Movie Disappointments

I don't go to the movies too often. And when I go, it better be worth it. My BF wanted to see Iron Man 2 and since it was his birthday, I didn't want to bitch about it. =)

It would probably be a good thing if I actually saw the first movie about Iron Man. But I didn't. It doesn't really matter if a movie is good.
Robert Downey Jr. and Mickey Rourke did a *great* job, I have to admit that. Miss Paltrow wasn't bad either but Scarlett Johansson... huge disappointment no. 1. She can't act. Sorry, but in my eyes, she can't. And the movie itself was a huge mess. I loved the comic situations and both - good and bad guy characters, but the story and the movie itself - pure failure!

Thanks to Robert and Mickey I'd rate this movie with 3 movie clip boards.

As a huge Johnny Depp and Tim Burton fan, I had to see Alice in Wonderland. I wish I hadn't.
I was bored from the first minute of the movie right to the end. Boring story, gross and outrageous characters, boring dialogues, boring Alice. This movie literally made me anxious. The scenery and costumes were great, but that's it. I think I'd puke if I saw it in 3D. And die of a heart attack from all the grossness.
Alice in Wonderland is wrong in so many ways. I can't even think of showing this to little children. Huge disappointment.

It's not *that* bad, I just really dislike it.

Now I'm afraid to see Avatar...

Twilight Hottie

Calm down, horny little girls. I'm not talking about *that* Twilight. Duuh! =D

LA Girl Matte, Blue Twilight (2 coats) + Sinful, Hottie (1 coat)

I love this glitter. It's packed up with sparkles of different sizes and colors. What's not to love.

Sinful Hottie color drop:

Boring make up, that didn't look as boring in real life. I always loose the colors when I try to photograph my eye make up. Any suggestions?

Bonus photo: Puma found his new nap-place. It's right under the bird house and there are young tits in it (not that kind of tits, you perve!). I better not see him chasing after tits. Yeah, I wanted to say that. XD

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Can Haz Edward Norton?

Oh, come on. I know you wanted this. XD

My very own Edward Norton. From the only movie he was actually atractive in: American History X.

Sweet dreams, ladies! =D

LA Girl Matte - Blue Twilight

I got this beauty from Splattergirl. Thank you, girl! :*
Blue Twilight is very opaque but I still added a second layer. I'd rather call this satin than matte finish. No chips so far and I like the color *a lot*.

LA Girl Matte, Blue Twilight, 2 coats

It's hard to capture a true color because it changes from navy blue to blurple twilight-ish color. Really nice. =)

There's a little monkey following me around whenever I go outside to take photos of my mani: Love comes in many shapes. This one is in shape of Aishila. =D

Thanks for looking!
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