Monday, May 10, 2010

BPAL Bordello VS Pure Ice Iced Merlot

Short unannounced trip... This is still on my nails, but it looks horrible and chipped. :/

I'm gonna do my nails now and until I get the photos, here is a comparison between Pure Ice Iced Merlot and BPAL's Bordello.

Index & ring: Iced Merlot
Middle & pinky: Bordello

I still have terrible headaches and I'm slowly loosing hope. Aishila is still very ill and those antibiotics didn't seem to help. Damn it!

I did get myself ibuprofen pills, so I hope they'll help. I have to go to the vet tomorrow to get some more medications for my little one and to ''yell'' at my hairdresser. I'm tired.


  1. krempeljčki izgledajo super in oba laka sta ful lepa <3
    upam da bost tako mačkica kot ti čiprej bolje *hug*

  2. I hope you and your baby are ok soon.
    I like the comparison. They are very similar, but not quite dupes.

  3. Želim, da bi bilo s tabo in mucko hitro vse dobro...

  4. Your standards are so high. I enlarged your pic and your nails look immaculate beyond belief. I prefer the Merlot but I would do almost anything to get a polish by BPAL. What a name!
    Best wishes to you and all you love. Headaches are hateful.

  5. Bordello je lep <3
    Z Aishilo se pa čim prej pocajtajta :)

  6. No, no... I posted a photo of my manicure *before* it chipped. =)

  7. I prefer Iced Merlot :)
    I hope you and Aishila will get better very soon!

  8. Wow those are beautiful.

  9. Magnifique et les vernis et le nail avec le faux nad.


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