Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cooling Mask

I got this mask from Splattergirl, but I've seen it before on various beauty blogs. Unfortunately, I don't speak or read Japanese, so I didn't really know what to expect or what the ingredients are... but I'm sure you can find it online if you want to. ;)

I like face masks. And this one looked so cool. And it is cool. My face was freezing while I had it on. It's also very, very moisty and kind of slimy. I didn't notice any special effect on my skin, but this one would be *perfect* for those days when you're out on the sun for too long and your skin feels hot and burnt. In those cases, this is the mask for you! Moisture and cooling in one package.

I just realized how stupid this post is. I don't know where to buy this mask, I don't know how much it costs, I don't know the ingredients and I don't know what it's supposed to do. XD I just know that it's perfect for summer days. I'm sure one of you (my readers) know where to get this mask, so please share with us in the comment section.

EDIT: I just found out it's made in Taiwan and that you can buy it on Ebay for 16.50 USD (for 10 masks). Just type in ''cooling mask'' and look for those with snowflakes on the package. =)

Thanks for reading this useless post!


  1. Thats ok, I love face masks, too :)

  2. I think it was on ebay for even less at a time, I have a whole box! its really a lifesaver during the hot summer! :) glad you liked it, wanted to share :D

  3. Oh, and I didn't even say thanks. =D Thank you for sharing, hun! :*

  4. This is also sold in HK;)
    it's only around HKD60~70 for 10 pieces as I remember. And that is cheaper to buy in Taiwan
    is USD16.5 includes shipping?
    they are earning soooo much...
    maybe i should open a eBay shop too..hahha

  5. http://www.beautydiary.com.tw/en/

    this is their website in English...just in case you may be interested in it ~

  6. Oh, thanks for sharing! =) Yes, that price includes shipping. And I believe they're earning a lot. That's what makes the world go round. ;)

  7. Thanks for the link!

  8. I love masks ! I should have like that smth.. That seems so fun =)

  9. Good idea!
    Echo finally works for me, and I can leave comments =) Yay!

  10. the words are Chinese characters, a great seller here in singapore too.. U shld get ur hands on the yogurt mask :D it smells good hehe. the aloe vera mask is good too, esp after suntanning lol

  11. What was the problem?

  12. Thanks for the recommendations. =)


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