Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Essie Resort Collection 2010

Essie did it! Finally a collection that is breathtaking and it doesn't include sheer pinks or nudes.
I got this mini's for review from Čarodejka online store. Thank you so much, Katja! =)

So, let's see the beauties lined up. Gorgeous!

Let's see the swatches first.

Playa Del Platinum

Splash of Grenadine

Turquoise & Caicos

Lapis of Luxury

I have to admit, I never was a huge Essie fan. I only bought their Sexy Divide polish so far and I also got Mint Candy Apple in a RAOK. I loved those two and I was really excited to try their new Resort collection.

At first I was kind of disappointed. The first layer was really watery and sheer. I had to apply 4 coats (with every shade) to get the desired opacity. But the color! Oh, the color. Every single shade is gorgeous and totally worth applying 4 coats. At least until you find a dupe that is more opaque. XD

All in all, I really like this collection. The formula could be better, but it could also be worse. If you like the colors as much as I do, go get 'em. =)

I can't pick my favorite, but I like Lapis of Luxury very much. Maybe it's because I don't own anything like it (maybe Orly Snowcone would be similar)... Anyway, it deserves to get a few more photos.

What do you think about Essie and Resort collection?

Thanks for looking!


  1. I love Playa Del Platinum and Turquoise & Caicos!

  2. you-nailed-it.blogspot.comMay 18, 2010 at 8:49 PM

    i love the first one!
    i have a give away on my blog
    everyone can enter! =D

  3. Ooo super swatchi! Meni je najlepši Turquoise & Caicos! <3<3<3

  4. They are all so pretty! I like the turquoise one the best! Your nails are getting soooo long too!

  5. I wasn't really excited about these colors at first sight, but now I see swatches, I must admit they are great ! They are all gorgeous on you, but my faves are Grenadine and Turquoise ^^

  6. I love this collection! These look gorgeous on you!

  7. Ooooo, prečudoviti so! Komaj čakam, da jih dobim!

    Čeprav na tvojih nohtih itak vsak lak izgleda božansko. :)

  8. Sadly I like only Turquoise & Caicos, and even so i'm not sure if i will buy it. Surprisingly I like Playa Del Platinum too, but since it's really not my "usual" colour, looking amazing on your nails could be the reason that i like it. ;)

    I was hoping this collection will be the first by Essie that will take my breath away, sadly, that didn't happen. Again. I love a few colours made by Essie, but in general they are too "safe" for me, maybe a bit boring sometimes.

    Great blog, btw, my compliments. :) And perfect nails, love the shape and the lenght. :)

  9. I knew you'd pick lapis as your favorite. Turquoise was my fave, though I opted out of the pink and the grey...

  10. It's such a beautiful collection! All of theml look just lovely on you :)

  11. ooohhh turqouise is pretty, but theu all look great on you!

  12. They all look so beautiful on you! Essie isn't my favorite polish, exactly because of the application issues, plus the price, so I won't be picking these up.

  13. I love all those colours! :D

  14. pkbcrafter@googlemail.comMay 19, 2010 at 9:19 AM

    Lovely colours indeed. I like them all on your nails. My kind of colours. I don't own essie, maybe now is the time to do so??? She thinks. TFS hun. x

  15. great colours, but 4 cota, really? that's a huge turn-off for me. I meant to buy them on eBay but now I'm definitely not getting them. thanks for saving me some money! =)

  16. I love all of them! The shades are just gorgeous, but 4 coats is just too much for me. (I guess.) I'm even too lazy to apply three coats...

  17. i love the lapis too its stunning

  18. www.dailypolish.comMay 20, 2010 at 11:51 AM

    i love essie, you should try arbua blue, alligator purse, chinchilly and wrapped in rubies (a really pretty red/gold). they have a lot of blah soft pink shades but a surprising amount of gems amongst the blah!

    i most want to try turks and caicos out of this but i'm nervous. anything mint or pastel tends to give me lobster hands, is it a true turquoise?


  19. Hiya

    I have just bought this collection as well and done a mini swatch on my blog (yours is much better i have to say lol). I agree with everything you say about the coverage. I got away with 3 coats but I only did one finger or each. Funny I also have Sexy Divide, must have similar taste hehe

    t x

  20. Lapis Of Luxury is the nail polish Rihanna was wearing in What's my Name video! Love it ^^


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