Friday, May 28, 2010

Eurovision Part 3

Yeah. Second semi-final is through and Slovenia didn't make it to the final. Shocker? Not really.

I made a list of the countries that (in my opinion) should have made it to finale. Countries in bold are the ones that actually made it (I made this list during the performances).

1. Lituahia (wearing those little, silver & blingy panties... worthy of finale)
2. Armenia (apricot stones, yeah... but I want to see those melons again in finale XD)
3. Denmark (boring, but good song)
4. Sweden (she's a blonde with a guitar, what more do you need)
5. Azerbaijan (wannabe Beyonce)
6. Ukraine (BEST song of this years Eurovision, IMO)

7. Romania (great high notes, gotta admit that; hey do I hear Poker Face in there?)
8. Georgia (great voice)
9. Croatia (one of them was really of key... but still)
10. Turkey (they call that ''hard'')

As you can see, I was wrong with three songs/countries. Instead of them Israel, Ireland and Cyprus made it to finale.

I couldn't believe it, but there was actually one song that was even worse than ours. The Netherlands song. Now, that's *bad*.

I won't talk about fashion, 'cause there wouldn't be much to talk about... But as we could see ''drapes skirts'' (as I call them) were really popular this year. We could see them on the contestants from Croatia, Azerbaijan, Denmark and Armenia.

We could see a lot of bare feet also (Armenia, Croatia, Georgia) - did recession kick in? XD

Here are the hosts of this year's Eurovision:

My immediate thoughts on the male host: Barney Stinson? (rijaH will get this one). XD

And another thing. Eurovision is a joke. No, I'm not talking about the show (at least not this time), I'm talking about the name. No, my dear reader, your knowledge of geography isn't that bad. There are really some countries that participate in Eurovision, but aren't a part of Europe. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Israel are actually a part of Asia (at least they were when I was in high school). But it depends on who you ask, I guess. Maybe the Europe is expanding like universe. Who'd know. ;)

Yeah, I'm not gonna torture you anymore. Let's wrap it up, shall we. As I said, I root for Ukraine and a note: I genuinely dislike German song. It's annoying as hell (again - that's just my opinion, I'm sure a lot of you will like it).

Which one is your favorite?

Thanks for looking!


  1. I'm for Turkey, Israel and Iceland. Ukraine was good too, really surprised that it went to final for being totally anti-eurovision song but the girl could sing! It's weird that I like Iceland but I do, it reminds me of 90s dance hits :D

    Yeah there are a lot of non-European countries in it nowadays.

  2. Shalalie Shalala :') Another very bad song send in by our country *yugh*

    The German song sucks...bad accent and annoying girl.

    I don't like watching because I think every country should sing in their own language and not english...That's so easy...
    And the voting isn't very can guess for almost every country who gets the higher points (mostly neighbours)

    Anyway I hope you enjoy watching :)

  3. I'm from Germany, and you're not the only one who doesn't like the German song... >.< Love her, or hate her. End of story @_@

  4. I still think that German song and the singer is so cute :) Ukraine was great, but after watching the live performances, I think Turkey really kicked ass. They even had a robocop/power ranger on the stage!

  5. We're like total opposites. =)

  6. LOL =)
    You're right about the voting. We usually gave 12 points to Croatia, but they never gave us a lot of point. XD

  7. Love or hate. I have to agree with that. My BF really likes her song and I really don't. =)

  8. That's why I decided to write about Eurovision. It's the first time I can actually talk about the songs with people from Europe. Not just Slovene people.

  9. I think your list is how it should have been, it's awesomw :) but you know why they call it Eurovision, it's beacuse the competition is held among active member countries of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and not only european countries are members of EBU :P

    I haven't heard the entire song yet, but Germany's song sounds rather good compared to highschool musical wannabe from England and Spain's failure of a tune.

    btw. Have a good day! :)

  10. I'm from the Netherlands LOL I really don't like our song. I was shocked that something like that had to represent our country.

  11. I did not watch, but shalalieshalala keeps poppin up in my head hahait's a typical old fashioned Dutch song, not suitable for the eurovision but more for in an old town bar :)

  12. I think it´s kinda sad how everyone votes just for their neighbour countries. I mean, it doesn´t make sense to set up such a huge competition when we all know that the countries with most neighbours are automatically in finale. (for example the russian song... oh please, there were better songs that didn´t make it through!)

  13. Argh. I love Eurovision so much, though I think Slovakia and Estonia and Lithuania were ROBBED of a place in the final. Obviously, the UK is going to do badly but no effort + complete contempt for eurovision = nul points. I really like the German entry even though it sounds like she's learnt English by listening to Kate Nash (never a good move) but I think the ones to watch are Azerbaijan (so competitive :P) and Germany. I hope France does well because I'm such a Jessy Matador fan!

  14. You know every country used to have to sing in their own language? It was an official rule for like ten years. I feel I have more respect for countries that sing in their own language but it seems that singing in English will give you a higher chance of winning (Dima Bilan, Alexander Rybak, Helena Paparizou, Lordi...)

  15. Haha oh yes.. if only he was as funny :P he is a good lookalike :D but I have to agree with you, Eurovision songcontest isnt was is used to be.. i liked it more before all this finals and semifinals and stuff... i miss the good old days :(

  16. I'm quite surprised that Lithuania didn't make it to the final. :/ These guys are funny. The excerpt from their song:

    "Yes Sir, we are legal we are, though we are not as legal as you
    No Sir we’re not equal no, though we are both from the EU
    We build your homes and wash your dishes,
    Keep you your hands all soft and clean
    But one of these days you’ll realize Eastern Europe is in your genes."

    First I was quite skeptical (mainly because of the lyrics) when they won the national selection. But I have to admit, I really liked their show in Oslo. I'm not even sure who was more hilarious - InCulto, or "We are the winners... of Eurovision". lol

    I liked Turkey the most. Pity that Latvian song didn't make it to the final. German girl is annoying, indeed. :) Ukraine and Russia didn't impress me this year. :/

    PS If ladies can dance in pants, why guys cannot? lol
    PPS Here is one of the national entries who lost to InCulto - Ruslanas Kirilkinas "I'm in love with a boy who is in love with a fairytale" (isn't it funny? lol):
    PPPS I'm from Lithuania.

  17. Well i'm not quite sure if i think our (dutch) entry was better than the slovenian, but both were bad! I had almost the same favourites as yours. Too bad there were sooo many borring ballads. I actually voted for Romania and Croatia and about the voting I must say at least this: yes people vote for their neighbours or where they originate from (in holland armenia and turkey) but also since my father is from MK, the Greek, Serbian, Croatian, and all eastern songs appeal more to me then the western european popballads or the Dutch folklore. A lot of people enjoy listening to music simular to theirs :)

    btw the dutch song was chosen by the broadcasting channel, the poor girl and dutch citizens had nothing to do with it! And thanks to these posts i remembered some good entries from the past. How did you like Hora Din Moldova last year?

  18. I didn't know that. Thanks for clearing that up. =)
    Have a great day also! =D

  19. I was shocked by our songs many times. =)

  20. Yeah, it's hard to get it out of your head once you've heard it. Horrible. XD

  21. Oh, I can see you really are a huge Eurovision fan. =)

  22. Who cares about Eurovision. Barney Stinson is awesome! Suit up!

  23. I don't find the Ruslanas song funny. It's rather creepy. :/

  24. I just checked out this Hora Din Moldova song and it's not my favorite. Not bad, but nothing special either.

  25. Everybody is entitled to his opinion. It's not that special indeed, it just makes me feel longing for summer :) BTW one of the slovenian entries I liked as an 10 year-old was nusa derenda - energy, now i like it less.

  26. I'm swedish and I hated the song we sent to Eurovision! BOOOOORING song ;) But, on the other hand I really like Germanys and Belgiums songs! :)

  27. I liked a lot France, he was my favorite!! (the song was ok, for dancing but, OMG did you see that movements???). Germany was great too. At first, I didn't liked the song, but after listening to it a couple of times... well, her voice is quite unique.

    My boyfriend prefered Armenia. I guess it was because of her "melons" (not apricots...). And as I said, Spain was ridiculous, not only because of the "spontaneous"....

  28. I totally agree with Linnie, I can't believe the German song won, it's utter rubbish, and the girl can't even sing...

  29. cool song, didn't bother to spend time for EUvision, but Ukraine is really great! THNX!

  30. Hihi it's pretty funny to see the differants between al the country's. I'm from the Netherlands and the song that we send in was really how most of the dutch music sounds. It's the dutch sound. Same goes for germany and al the music from eastern europe. A lot of people in country's from western europe don't like the eastern music (they think its to vulgair) and vice virsa (the western europe sound just sounds weird). I like the fact how euro vision song contest always points that out :P


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