Saturday, May 22, 2010

NYC - Magenta Flash

I got this nail polish from Tiffany and if my memory serves me right, this is my first NYC polish.
I'm amazed by it's quality. If I didn't know which brand it was, I'd say it's Zoya. It has that thin formula, but it's opaque anyway (it reminds me so much of Zoya Alix). It dries rather quickly as it says on the bottle. Well, don't expect miracles though.
I don't know the price of these polishes, but if you can get them, I'd really recommend you to buy them. At least to try it. I love it!

NYC, Magenta Flash, 3 coats

2 coats of this magenta color would have been enough. But you know me. =)

And a stud overdose to go with the Magenta Flash. XD Love the t-shirt and the shoes (but these are something that only Rihanna would wear in public). I think.

Thanks for looking!


  1. ooo čudovita barva <3

  2. pretty in pink.. love it!

  3. I love pink on you! YOu should wear it more often!!

  4. I like that pink, :)

  5. The cuff is amazing!

  6. this color is great on u...

  7. NYC is a cheap American brand... but I love it anyways! I've only ever seen it in the store Target (, but you might be able to find it online somewhere. Most of the NYC colors are less than $3, I buy almost exclusively their $.99 type, which has several awesome pink colors.


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