Wednesday, May 5, 2010

RAOK from Amabile

I got the cutest package from Amabile. She saw Arissa Toxic on my wishlist and she sent me her bottle plus all the little Depend soldiers. =) Thank you, Amabile!

Above: You see how I arranged them? The bigger Arissa polish is a teacher (me) and the little Depend ones are students. XD I just hope I won't be know as a ''toxic'' teacher and that my students won't be merely numbers.

Here are the swatches aka color drops (my newest way of arranging my polish collection):

Wait a sec'! There's an intruder. Oh yes, it's Bonnie from the Essence Be A Nail Artist trend edition. What a beauty. Thanks, Maestra!

Prepare yourself for post stampede... *insert evil laugh*

Thanks for looking!


  1. you are so lucky for getting such awesome gifts. And I can't wait to see them on your nails.

  2. You are always getting RAOKs! Lucky!

  3. love the colors im a purple luva but im gettin into greens,teals, and blues

  4. heys this is hilarious but depend in the states are a brand of adult diapers imagine that * real evil laugh*

  5. What a sweet RAOK!! I can't wait to see swatches! Even though it will make me jealous that I can't buy those here! :P

  6. Depend 104 looks fab!! What a cool thing to be sent :D

  7. They are all amazing shades. Can't wait to see them all.


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