Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tangle Teezer Compact Styler

Look what I got! The new Tangle Teezer Compact Styler! Woohoo! *does the happy dance* I got this one from Modern Gent and they're the first who have this brush in pink and black. Thank you, Tony! :*

I already told you about this one. It's basically a portable Tangle Teezer with a cap to protect the teeth. But is it any good? I don't like to make conclusions based on other products by the same brand and I was very happy when Tony decided to send me one. I'll say it one more time: I absolutely adore TT, the Original *and* Compact one!

So what's the difference between the original TT and TT Compact Styler: TT Compact Styler is smaller than the original one. It's also a bit more massive (it doesn't feel like hollow plastic - like original one). And I like that feeling. It's not heavy by any means, but it's also not as light as original one. I couldn't tell you which one to get if you don't own it yet and you're planning on getting one. I'll definitely use the Original one at home, 'cause it's bigger and it'll get the job done faster. But for travelling (I often travel to my BF and back home) Compact Styler is the right thing. I used to bring my original TT with me to the BF's and you can see what the transport did to the teeth. Yeah, they look kind of drunk! *but why is all the rum gone?* XD

So if you were wondering: the smaller stuff works just as well as the Original one. And I think it's a great investment if you want your hair tangle free. I talked to Tony and he decided to lower the prices. =D I don't think there's a place you can get these babies cheaper.

You can buy Tangle Teezer HERE.
* Original TT for £9.49 (with free UK delivery and about £2 for international delivery)
* Compact Styler TT for £11.99 (with free UK delivery and about £2 for international delivery)

EDIT: I forgot to mention their super sweet customer service. Tony is a great guy! And their shipping is ultra-super fast. I can't say anything bad about them even if I wanted to. Good job, Modern Gent. We want more sellers like you!

You can't ask for more. =) And look it fits perfectly in my palm.

I got this Tangle Teezer Compact Styler from Modern Gent for review. I do not get any money for doing this, nor do I get payed for the number of TT that are sold on the Modern Gent online store. I'm doing this only because it's my holy grail hair product. =)

Thanks for looking!


  1. I wish I had more hair on my head, so I could use this :D

  2. I am completely confused by these things, how does it work? How is it any different to a normal brush?

  3. I am completely confused by these, how do they work? How are they different to a normal brush?

  4. I bought it after you wrote about it on the oyster color :D. Happy happy happy, detangling is soooo easy. Thank you :).

  5. Ahahaha "but why is all the rum gone?", definitely got an LOL out of that one.

    Hmm I should really invest in one of these Tangle hair isn't curly but it is quite long and gets tangled easily...

  6. I have long hair to my lower back and it gets tangled easily too. Maybe I should try one of these.

  7. These are made of plastic and have different teeth than brushes... It's something between a brush and a comb. I don't know why they work so great, but they do.

  8. I'm SO glad you like it! =) You're welcome! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Maybe you should... Hope it works for you too, if you decide to get one. =)

  10. If you do, please let me know if you like it.

  11. Razmišljam o nakupu enega od Tangle Teezer-jev, pa me zanima kateri misliš da je boljši :)

  12. @moyC: Hm... oba sta super, ampak mislim da je originalen še vedno 1A. =)

  13. OMG! I went to the webstore and found something even greater than the TT. The epicare magic wand facial hair remover! I saw and tried one of these in the summer but had no idea how to find one, now I can get me some, whee! Thank you! (I'll also order the TT compact styler btw)


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