Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Saturday: sea!!!! Belvedere - nice view indeed. =)


This is what happens when your BF is also your photographer... :/ Anyway...hooray for boobies!

I really needed this...

Thanks for looking!


  1. Loved these pics!! Loved you walking through the waters - looked so peaceful!! Yeah BF's can be noob's at time - but he's a great photographer. Ok, what was your mani?? :-)

  2. Oh awesome scenery! And I don't mean the boobies! LOL!

  3. What a beautiful beach! And what polish are you wearing in that last pic? I like it :)


  4. @Audrey & @Spunkster: Rimmel Black Cherries

  5. awesome scenery, and I do mean the boobies! ;P

  6. Ooooooooo morjeeeee! Jst bi tud! :))) Lepotička. :) :*

  7. Kako zgleda lepo moj hribček na slikah. Škoda, ki premalokrat opazim vse to ko hodim vsak dan mimo :-)

  8. You don't have a lot of sea in Slovenia but it looks great.
    Eh eh, we dress pretty much alike, up to the wrist bands. :D
    What polish did you wear on your feet?

  9. @duckalicious: Yeah, we're like that. =D

    @Ivana: Samo en dan... Jst bu tud še.

    @Tina: Srečnica! =)

    @jellynat: Good question. I've been wearing BPAL's Malediction as my pedi (black creme) for the last 10 days. Still no chips, it wears amazingly!

  10. How stunning! You look great. You're making this college student wish she had money to visit your beautiful country! I love the Rimmel, must try to find it.

    Also, I tagged you in an award on my blog. Here's the link: http://newbienails.blogspot.com/2010/06/with-cherry-on-top.html

    :) -Reese

  11. Beautiful place.

    Its white skin is pretty, without marks.
    Here in Brazil the sun punishs in them and we, white people, them are ugly with clothes marks. =(

  12. Gorgeous beach. Love the photographs. You look absolutely lovely and sexy in those shots! The BF's love the boobies don't they! You have such a beautiful country. I enjoy looking and learning about it from you.

  13. Oh wow it's gorgeous there!
    Lovely pics as always.


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