Friday, June 18, 2010

Collection 2000 - BMX Bandit

18 years ago, I really was a BMX bandit. And how I loved that little red bike. =D

Collection 2000, Hot Looks, BMX Bandit, 2 coats

This is such a lovely polish. And before you ask, yes - I already made a comparison with ChG Secret Periwinkle. The application was really easy, the formula is great and this is all in all a wonderful polish. You definitely need this one.

In shade:

Look what I found: another spider. No, there will be no squishing here! Shame on you for even thinking of it. I'm an animal lover and that goes for all the animals. Except for the ticks. And mosquitos. I just don't know what's their purpose in the food chain.

We had a really bad storm yesterday. Fortunatelly we avoided hail, but not everyone was so lucky. Hope you're all OK.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I am a biologist, but I like snakes. I have fear of spiders. =)

    Beautiful polish. Love "burple".

    (forgive me for the bad english, I am trying)


  2. That spider is unbelievable, and creepy, omg. I didn't know they came in that color.

  3. Oooooh pretty color. And I love animals too, but I would squish spiders. They're bugs. I need to post a picture for you of the baby frog I caught the other day =)

  4. Pretty Purple Periwinkle Polish!! (Me wants her nails!!)

  5. The food chain purpose of ticks and mosquitos is to be food for birds. ;D And I like birds, so I guess the less intriguing members of the insects are a tiny bit okay after all... :P (I like spiders too.)

  6. This blue looks wonderful on you!

  7. Very beautiful color for summer...COCO

  8. Prekrasna barva! :)

    Prosim, če nam nehaš kazat fotke raznih pajkov. *angry*
    Bom prisiljena prenehati spremljati tvoj blog. Sovražim pajke. Fuuuuj!

    (hecam se - tvojega bloga ne bi nehala spremljat, pa če v vsaki objavi daš slikco pajka). :D

  9. Jaz pa nikoli nisem imela BMX-a... *sad* Imela pa sem Rogovega Ponija :D

  10. @Leticia: Thanks for your comment. As I said on your previous comment - you don't have to apologise for your english. I understand. =)

    @Katrina: You've never seen a green spider before? XD

    @Scandalous: Is it *really* neccessary to kill an innocent spider? It was outdoors anyway.

    @Feline: It's hard for a bird to eat a tick while it's sucking my blood. :/

    @Tassa: Obljubim, da jih ne bom namerno iskala. =D Dokler ni kakšne črne vdove pri nas, potem ni panike...

    @Biba: No, jaz pa Ponija nisem imela. Pa sva si bot. =D

  11. This is a lovely blue, very soft and pretty.

  12. Thanks for understand me, Nihrida. I never commented before because it had shame. I read well, but I dont write for the perfect form.

    Now, I will comment every day. =D

  13. What a beautiful spider! I never see anything like that. I'm glad though! I can just see you on your BMX with your hair flying. Pretty polish. Love your photos. Very pretty with the sun shinning through the trees. Have a wonderful weekend sweetie.

  14. WOW, this is a beautiful color!!!

  15. just sold me that colourrr! lol soo getting it tomorrow now!!
    and i loveee your nailss. jealouss!

    Cotton xx

  16. That is such a pretty color. Its definitely one I need in my collection, do you know if they sell it over in the States? Thanks for forewarning me of the spider. Last post I was totally unprepared for it and almost dropped my phone. LOL Im deathly afraid of spiders.

  17. @Mz Erika: I don't think they sell it in the States. This is a UK brand. :/ Sorry about the spider. :)

  18. The color is great!! Really beautiful!
    I've never seen this species of spider before. I'm amazed with its beauty! Thanks for sharing!
    I admire the love you have for the animals...that's really a great thing!


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