Tuesday, June 29, 2010

GEOSS and Vace

Friday (June 25th - Statehood Day in Slovenia): a little trip to GEOSS and Vace

GEOSS = geometric center of Slovenia

Vace (Vače) = the location where they discovered hallstatt period situla vase. There's an enlarged replika of it standing in the village.

Afterwards: ice cream with caramel topping. Mmmmm...

I chose Rimmel Black Cherries as my manicure for this end of the week. It chipped really fast though.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Mi je malo nerodno priznat, ampak še nisem bila v Vačah in na GEOSS-u.

    Mmmm, sladoled...bi ga zmazala v trenutku zdajle :D

  2. Your polish is so well applied. That colour looks great

  3. great choices - the polish and the ice cream:)

  4. Oooo, lepo, da se kulturno izobražuješ:) Jaz sem pa skoraj domačinka, blizu Vač:) Ps: In še malo zagonetke: ali veš, kje pa hranijo original Vaške situle?:)

  5. @Biba: Jaz sem bila prvič...Saj je še čas. ;)

    @Laura: Thanks!

    @Karmensita: Mislim da sem s kotičkom levega očesa nekje videla, da v Ljubljani? Grem takoj zdajle vprašat strica Googla. =)

  6. P.S: Narodni muzej v LJ. Zdaj pa ne bom pozabila. =D

  7. This rimmel is very beautiful, perfect application & it doesn't leave some traces of brush :)

  8. Tempting ice cream! Love your ring and the polish of course.

  9. Oh wow that Rimmel is just gorgeous!


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