Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Yeah. I ran away. =D But I'm back now. For a while.

On Saturday I visited Hellektro for the first time. I'm not really into electro, techno or industrial music, but it was the only decent event in town of Ljubljana that day (and that's the capital of Slovenia). Dress code was: industrial, fetish, gothic, cyber, black. At first I wanted to wear the outfit on the photo below (left), but the shoes were too Julia Roberts in Pretty Girl and the hat was too ''gay bar''. I got rid of those two and wore my high Undercover boots.

Squeezing my XL ass into XS size faux leather dress was a challenge but somehow I made it. XD
OK, let's move on. This was my EOTD. Made with Coastal Scents 88 matte palette, Essence Black Mania eye pencil and Essence No Limits Power Boost.

I finally got to take my coffin bag out for a spin. Lovely. =D

And last but not least my NOTD: Essence - Into the Night (this polish is a nightmare to remove).

As you can see: the ''no smoking indoors'' law didn't apply here. I even smelled pot. Now if that's not freedom, I don't know what it is. XD

How are you doing, my dear readers?

Thanks for looking!


  1. Woohoo, you look so hot!

  2. ur gorgeous. I love clubin and i love techno!! for I dont smoke anymore!! love the bag & ring!!

  3. hey g, i've had your blog in my reader for months now.. and i thoroughly enjoy your polish reviews, and your humor, among other things. i feel the need to point out that you engage in self-hate sometimes, and criticizing your body/looks quite often and to be honest it makes me feel uncomfortable. i realize this is YOUR blog, but keep in mind that a lot of young girls probably look at it, and look up to you. man, it's hard to be honest without sounding like a douche.

  4. Fantastic outfit! I like those boots you think remind you of Julia Roberts :D I just couldn't stuff my fat thighs to them :P

  5. Woohooo! Thanks! =D

  6. Thanks, thriszha! =)

  7. Love the Undercover boots. Your outfit was awesome. :)

  8. I'm glad you finally decided to write a comment. You nailed it completely. I'm very self-critical. I wouldn't call it self-hate...but criticism. My beauty standards are quite defined and I don't fall into that category... plus I'm always more critical when it comes to my looks. Did my XL ass trigger this? If so, I have to say there's nothing wrong with my XL ass. I actually thing it's one of my best features. XD
    I appreciate your honesty. Thank you for that. I already said it a couple of times and I'm gonna say it again. I don't always feel comfortable with posting my photos. Don't get me wrong, I'd like to post them, but I just don't feel like it, because I can see to many flaws. I'm not saying everybody else is perfect, I'm just saying I'm not comfortable with it. And when I do post it, I don't want to look like a self centered douche... letting people know that I realize I have flaws is kind of a safety belt for me.
    I certainly hope noone looks up to me. That makes me really nervous. =)
    Thank you for your comment, PrettyBottles. I'll try to not be so self-critical and I hope you'll feel more comfortable here. :*

  9. Thanks, Duvessa! =) The shoes would fit, don't worry, they have laces at the back. XD

  10. I love your ring!
    (And the necklace/collar thing.)
    Hope you will do more posts like this :)

    However I cannot resist the urge to make my point on self-criticism. While I can see why people obsessively apologize for their appearance/simply disparage themselves, I hate to see them do so. I know in most cases it is not AW-ing yet it gives the impression.
    I do my best never to complain about the way I look. Firstly, everyone can see for themselves. Secondly, nobody cares.
    /And yes, I would count as one of those young girls./

  11. A je to predenje mačke? XD

  12. Thanks, Eva!
    We all do things that someone doesn't like. Noone is perfect by his looks or actions. I'm not gonna play the role of Tyra, 'cause she does it best. As I said, no one should look up to me. I'm not here to be anybody's role model.

  13. ja sam puno puta bila na hellektru... 5-6 ili vise... osjecala sam se jos s 23 (pocetak 2006 kad sam zadnje bila) prestaro, sve ljudi 16-17 do nekih 20-21, tako sam bar onda imala osjecaj :D
    a vise ne slusam toliko bas tu elektroniku, vise volim trance i elektro bez groznih distorziranih krijestecih black metal vokala, samo sa sampleovima :D
    kako ti se svidjelo? tko su bili DJ-evi?

  14. Ja, vse je bolj mlado na Hellektru. Vsaj kar se punc tiče. Meni je metal še vedno precej ljubši, vendar gre pri Hellektru za prav posebno subkulturo, ki mi je po stilu oblačenja zelo blizu. No, vsaj kadar si to lahko privoščim. =)
    DJ-i so bili: Tomo, Ludvik, Hellfucker in Schejtan. Mi je bilo precej všeč, ampak sem imela s seboj ''party pooperja'' in sem morala zgodaj domov. :/

  15. Sexy! ;) In suuuuuuuper ti paše oblekica in make-up! Neverjetno lepo! <3<3<3

  16. znam kako je to :( hvala bogu da sam se naizlazila do 24te bar :D prije smo i mi imali takve veceri ali vise ne bas.
    Prije su bili drugi dj.evi, ocito se postava mijenja s vremenom :) ima jos muzike koja mi je ok ali naprosto mi vise nije ugodno biti negdje gdje imas osjecaj da su svi mladji od neke 22 godine... :DD
    Jednom smo bili i u klubu k4 na nekakvom electro/fetish partiju, taj klub mi se puno vise svidio :)
    a u Metelkovoj sam neka 2x bila i na Vampiria festivalu, tamo je bilo metala i gothica i svega :)

  17. I think self-criticism is something that everyone does. I tend to hold myself to higher standards than I would anyone else and it sucks, but that's how I am. Face it people, as nice as it would be not everyone accepts themselves and embraces their flaws. I'm not saying you don't Sasha cause only you know that, but still. Let her cover her face and photoshop all she wants if it makes her more comfortable posting them. Now I hope I don't sound like a preaching know-it-all douche muffin...=)

  18. Why is that polish so hard to remove, the glitter? Some of my Collistar polishes with glitter stick to the nail like superglue.

  19. hey! the XL ass comment was only a part of it, actually! something else that i notice is how you blur your face, or cover it up. allow me to corect myself: not 'self-hate', but 'body-hate' is the correct term. even if you don't truly hate your body/face/whatever, any physical self criticizing is considered body-hate. something else, the 'flaws' you speak of are not really flaws, and this is the important part that i hope sinks in. the reason women think they have 'flaws' is DIRECTLY because of the fashion and beauty industry constantly telling us we need to 'fix' something, or cover something up. the 'flaws' you speak of are not flaws, they are simply differences. the fashion industry has made it clear that a 'skinny white girl' is the ideal look, but it's just simply not the truth. it's not a realistic goal to be perfect, even though that is what is pressured upon all women from an early age. i urge you to begin looking at your perceived flaws as differences, no one looks the same. your (all of our) insecurities about our looks stem from the fashion industry and media pressures, not our true selves! i am so glad you didn't take my comment in a negative way, one of my goals is to help all women accept themselves and their bodies how they are! (also, post as many pictures of yourself as you want, it's not self-centered, plus it's your damn blog haha!!) <3

  20. Uh I love your makeup :) Looks so pretty :D I am at work right now.. and have one more night shift then I have 6 days off :D Cant wait :)

  21. Love that Ring and the Nail Polish is from the LE of twilight right?
    It seems to dip a cotton ball in acetone and then above it cover your
    finger with aluminium foil for a couple of minutes easy the effort of cleaning
    your nails from a glitterty Nail polish.

    Pretty Bag too :) you hair looks nice too

  22. I'm not going to fuss at you for criticizing yourself.... all I'm going to say is you look awesome!! Good for you. :-)

  23. Yep. World is not perfect. And people aren't perfect. I can find beauty in others more often than I can find it in me. That's one of my flaws. Embrace it, people. XD

  24. Well, this polish looks like it's shimmer, but all the silver micro glitter sinks to bottom of the polished nail and sticks to the nail plate. Sooooo hard to remove.

  25. Blurring my face has nothing to do with self-hate (or body-hate, whichever you prefer). I already talked about that and people who follow my blog regularly know what I'm trying to say.
    The flaws I'm speaking of are flaws to me and that's the only thing that matters. I know I'm far from perfect, but I don't really care that much what other people think of me. I'm my worst enemy.
    Again: there's nothing wrong with fashion industry, IMO. They have their vision and their philosophy of what beauty is and I have my own. Everybody has it's own opinion about that. Except for those who can't think for themselves. And noone can help those people.
    The main reason we can't come together in this matter is - differences. And I do embrace them, don't worry about that. We all want to be different. No one wants to be blurred in the mass. ;)

  26. Actually the polish is from the Moonlight Trend Edition. =) I didn't feel like foil wrapping my nails at the moment, but I was sorry later. XD

  27. Thank you, Erin! :*

  28. I've seen your full-body pics, and trust me- you do NOT have an XL ass! Maybe the European standards are different, but here in America people would force feed you cheeseburgers if they saw you. Now *I* have an XL ass. From too many cheeseburgers. In fact, I'm eating pie as I type this :(

    You are definitely too critical of yourself. You are a dark, haunting beauty, gorgeous in a non-cookie cutter way. Cookie cutters suck. They're boring.

    I used to have those same boots, until some douche stole them. They were my favorites, I haz a sad. I absolutely MUST get another pair.

  29. You are gorgeous and I'm going to come over and smack you one! I love you outfit, you look very sexy! Hope you enjoyed yourself. Learn to appreciate your beautiful body. You don't know how good you have it till it's gone. (((hugs)))

  30. Love love love the eye look! I wish I could wear those colors!


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