Thursday, June 24, 2010

Incoco - Day 6

Here it is. Day 6 of my Incoco Penny Rose manicure. See for yourself:

I just washed my hair and my manicure looks practically the same as it did before. No chips, only the slightest tip wear.

I have a feeling this one could last for days longer, but there is a huge gap between my mani and my cuticles already... I'm so glad I'm removing this. =)

Conclusion: I'm really impressed by the wear of this ''Dry Nail Applique''. I have one more to try (which is a non-glitter) and we'll see what happens.

EDIT: It was a PITA to remove!

Thanks for looking!


  1. still looking good!


  2. Looks fabulous. But all glitters wear well. And who wants the same mani for 6 days???

  3. I am so glad someone modeled this and tested them out for 6 days - that must have been torture to not change your polish for so long.

    I think these are very, very cool. I love how the glitter is dense and uniform - and I imagined they would be difficult to remov= how long did it take? .

  4. I gotta try mine out now, after seing your experience :D

  5. Lovely sparkles! Do you do the tin foil removal on glitters?

  6. Wow, that's awesome. I love the pink glitter too. :)

  7. Even thought you don't really like the rose blingy color, it looks lovely on you :)
    Incoco is avaiable in which countries?

  8. were they hard to remove because of the glitter factor? you're making me want to try. i bet these would be great for a vacation when bringing nail crap along isnt do-able.

  9. OMG I love this! JUST down my alley! Sooo o pretty!

  10. Any mani that can last 6 days seems like a great mani to me. I'll have to check some of these out.

  11. @Deez Nailz: I don't know exactly how long it took, but I had real troubles removing it.

    @Kimberly: I didn't use foil technique this time. I used Incoco removing pads which are basically felt cloths soaked in acetone.

    @Sarah B.: I'm not sure. Check it out on their website.

    @LisaInFL: Yes. I already used those non-glittery ones and those weren't such a PITA to remove.

  12. No, to pa je obstojnost! Komaj čakam še review od nebleščeče folije... Kako pa se reče tej vrsti laka? :D

    PS: Na mojem blogu te čaka Sweet Blog nagrada ;)

  13. OMG, res je dolg zdržala tale manikura:) ... sem te nagradila za sweet blog & tag:) poglej na strani:) hehe

  14. Wooooooow, nisem si mislila, da bodo zdržali tako dolgo! Pohvalno!

    Hej, tagala sem te z "the 10 things that make me happy" tagom! Pravila so na mojem blogu. Komaj čakam, da preberem katere stvari te osrečujejo! <3<3<3

  15. They worked so poorly on me!!!!! My free edge was bare only after a few hours. might be my application but i think as long as your nails aren't super hard and sturdy- they won't work on you. i hate them!

  16. Hey! We tagged you for an award!

    Nail Addicts Anonymous

  17. @Ana na S: Ne vem kako bi se reklo v slovenščini...suh lak? Kaj pa vem. =D PITA pomeni pa ''pain in the ass''. ;)

    Thanks for the awards ladies! =)

  18. Love the shade and the glitter is lovely. Sparkly and girly, love it.


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