Sunday, June 6, 2010

LA Girl - Rockstar

I had to change my nail color to something calmer and darker. I went to the wake with my parents and I didn't even know the person who died... Yet I managed to cry. I hate this. I think it's embarrassing for those who are with me.

Anyway. I painted my nails with LA Girl Rockstar. It's such a gorgeous shade in the bottle. It's hard to describe it, but I'd call it black with duochrome (trichrome?) shimmer. Beautiful!

And then I painted my nails... And most of the beauty was gone just like that. It's black on my nails. With some purple shimmer specks here and there. Don't get me wrong. It's a nice shade for everyone who wants to wear dark shade, but not plain black. I was just disappointed 'cause it looked so promising in the bottle.

LA Girl, Rockstar, 2 coats

Now I just hope I won't ''have'' to go to the funeral... My mother still hasn't decided if she's going or not and I'd just go as her support.
I don't want this to be a sad, sad post. So, just to remind you: the world might seem grey or even black and white... but the beauty remains. And the colors will come back. Eventually. :***

Thanks for looking!


  1. Would it look differend on white? Or is it too opaque for layering? Really gorgeous on the bottle!

    Don't be embarrassed to show your feelings. Death touches, and seeing other's sorrow touches. I just heard this morning my sister's classmate died on a crash this weekend. With a motorcycle. Hearing news like that gets all kinds of feelings to the surface :/

  2. Love the shade, I guess all the rockstars have a bit of that. But even
    it has a bit color on it what really counts is that your where there even
    you didnt know the person well.

    Dark Days will be always be there for our people even for pets, the trick is how you diside to deal with them and if you try to take a lesson from it
    even is a very sad or hard issue. Sunny Days will emerge someday

  3. I would have been disappointed too. I hate when things are gorgeous in the bottle, and then you put them on, and its boring. =( Hang in there hun

  4. There is no shame in being compassionate. This compassion is what makes you wonderful. ((HUGS))

  5. Evil Angel (AKA missnono)June 6, 2010 at 5:14 PM

    You should never feel shameful of your tears, they are the spirits way of releasing. If you hold in your tears you'll fill up with darkness and never see the light and beauty. You are who you are and I love you for that. Be proud of being a feeling and loving person! Hugs

    You could try a little trick I learned with the disapearing glitters. Take a cotton swab dipped in remove and gently wipe down the nail. Sometimes it will take off just enough of the color to reveal the hidden shimmer.

  6. I felt the same about this polish - the bottle is full of promises, the nail.... hm, we can all see that on your photos =/

  7. agreed on all the above accounts....I love the polish in the bottle, but not so much outside the are a compassionate person - and you care about souls, no matter your connection to them.

    You are awesome.... *kiss~ kiss*


  8. I love this color

  9. I hate it when colors do that...look so enticing and sparkly inside the bottle but come out looking flat on the nail. I wish there was a product that would magically transform the color on the nail into the color on the bottle!

  10. I cry, too, even when I didn't know them. But maybe it just means that we're compassionate. It was very nice that you went and paid your respects.

  11. I think that you think of your own family and others you love while at a wake. I've done the same thing. Once my mind went to my parents I was done for. I didn't have any wake for my Mother or Father. They didn't want it. I just had a Mass for them. My Father always said he didn't want anyone staring at him while he laid in a coffin. I'll just be creamated like my parents were. I don't want to be buried because I used to have nightmare about it. Anyways, I love Rockstar. I do wish it was as nice as it is in the bottle.


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