Sunday, June 20, 2010

Not handsome...

but HOT!

Kevin Bacon

John Cusack

They were both on TV today. I couldn't help myself... =)


  1. Certainly a DROOL fest!!!

    Does John sort of look like Keven Spacey in that picture? Or, am I just imagining it? Sometimes I notice stuff like that but no one else sees the same thing. So, I had to ask. ;)

  2. I watched Must Love Dogs, too. :DD

  3. Ahhh love it! Those are 2 of my favourites and John Cusack has been my number one for a long time now :) Absolutely love him in Identity! Great taste!

  4. hmm, i have always had a thing for kevin bacon. have you seen The River Wild? he is so good at being bad!

  5. Kevin Bacon looks like an alien, but I guess he has other *ahem* large attributes that probably make him hotter to some women.

  6. John Cusack is definately hot. Kevin just doesn't do it for me.
    But you know I'm the crazy woman who thinks Dave Mustaine is the hottest man alive next to the Hubby. So my opinion might not count.

  7. LOL you should make this a tag, it'd be interesting to see how different all of our tastes are because you and I have WAY different taste! LOL

  8. *cough cough*

  9. @Kimberly: You're just imagining it. Kevin Spacey is a no-no for me. =D

    @Ioewe: I didn't watch it, but my BF did. I can't really stand this sort of love movies. ;)

    @jbrobeck: Yep, I saw that one and you're right. He's an ultimate bad boy.

    @Arrianne: I appreciate the large attributes. =)

    @Evil Angel: Isn't that Johnny Depp? XD

    @Gina: You're welcome to turn this into a tag... =)

  10. I love both actors, especially Kevin Bacon. He's such a terrific actor. He can play nice and also bad equally. Sometimes he looks cute.


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