Monday, June 7, 2010

Opeth - Porcelain Heart

I've really been neglecting *my* music. For many and various reasons. I used to listed to this all the time... Now it can cause serious heartache, but here it is anyway.

One of the best (if not THE best) progressive metal bands out there is Opeth. Right before Dream Theater. Or vice versa. I can't decide right now. =D

This is the song/video from their latest album Watershed. It's a seriously good music, but not for everyone. Enjoy.


  1. Opeth is <3 I really do like Dream Theater too. And that song is fantastic!

  2. Oh I love Dream Theater! I listened to Train of Thought constantly for the entirety of year 12, so now whenever I listen to it it reminds me of everything that happened that year. Even though it is incredibly intense music, I had so many wonderful experiences (and some not so wonderful that I learned a great deal from) during that time that that album makes me happy.
    Try and listen to songs that remind you of the good times - songs you listen to with your gorgeous neice, or just something that was stuck in your head when you had a really great day. Trust me, it works!

  3. Sorry but I have to say this:


    Saw DT in concert twice now and there is no competition! ^^

  4. Opeth is one of my absolute all-time favourite bands. My top pick for an album is Ghost Reveries, it is pure perfection when it reaches my ears. Dream Theater would have been a good band if their singer wasn't so incredibly boring, uninteresting and weak. But they're overall a bit too soft for my taste. I miss the typical Stockholm punk vein, and most of all, I always miss the Swedish folkloristic melancholy. <3 It's running in our veins, or something...

  5. I also prefer Opeth over Dream Theater. But DT are a great band too, no doubt about that.


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