Saturday, June 12, 2010

Puccilicious VS Bright Lavender

Here's a bright purple comparison for you. Color Club Puccilicious vs Hot Topic Bright Lavender.

They're both 2 coaters and they both dry somewhat matte. HT is a bit more blue while CC is more purple. I like the brush on both, but HT has a weird small cap and loooooong brush. I had some troubles applying nail polish to my nails, but I think I just need some practice.

They're both like chameleons. The colors change under different lighting.

In my Crappy:

These two aren't dupes, but I wore them to the store and I dare to say noone noticed I was wearing two different polishes. And they matched my top too. But of course... it's not that visible under this lighting in the shadow. Guess my top is neon too. =D

I can't pick my favorite. Can you?

P.S: This is the only CC polish I own that doesn't have that flower on top of the cap. All of my other CC polishes have it. Do you know why is this one without it?

Thanks for looking!


  1. I read on some blog that the color club collections sold at 'Ross' don't have that flower design on the cap, & their caps are shorter too. I'm not sure about that though, I just read it somehwere.

  2. thanks for the comparison.. I love Color Club Puccilicious most.. but both are purple-licious

  3. I really like the Colour Club, I definitely prefer that one.

  4. They both are lovely, I personally prefer the Colour Club one. It's a bit more pure purple in my opinion. The other one (while lovely) has more light blue in it. At least that's what it looks like on screen!

    I'm all about purples LOL!

  5. I'm not such a fanatic that I'd need both. Either would be great.

  6. Yup, it's cause it's from a Ross boxed set. No name on the bottom either, right? I loooooove Pucci-licious!

  7. I don't think Pucci-licious came from the Ross set it wasn't in my set or maybe there was another set. Either way both are really pretty :)

  8. Just because I love purple so much, I kind of have to go with the Color Club.. but they're both gorgeous!

  9. Oh.... I'm confident enough to tell that no one at the store noticed that you had 2 different colors on your nails. Other people generally don't see those things. Only the polish nerds do. :D

  10. haha i was just having this conversation with a friend, i liked the HT polish but something about it was off so i gave it to her. then i got the puccilicious polish and when i wore it i was like, uhh it's exactly the same haha. i do prefer ANY bottle design (practically) to the HT design. the cap/handle is so awkward!

  11. The bottle also looks more rounded on the edges. Mine has the flower and looks like a normal CC bottle. It looks like shiny plastic too, which CC obviously are not. I need to pull mine out and wear it, it's so pretty.


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