Sunday, June 20, 2010


When you open this page, you step into my personal virtual place. There is no place for hate speech against me, my country or my readers here. If you don't agree to that, just leave. If that means I'm gonna loose readers - so be it! I don't care about the ignorant ones anyway.

All of the hate comments will be deleted. And don't be so ''smart'' to post shit anonymously - ever heard of an IP address? ;)

It helps if you have a sense of humor too...


  1. Compliments for your blog and pictures included, I invite you to see the photo blog,

    Each week released a new album

    Greetings from Italy


  2. Why do I feel like this is somehow related to soccer (sorry, football)?

  3. @Ivo Serentha: Thanks! Will check that out. =)

    @Mackezie: Not really. It has to do about people with no sense of humor and those who are offended by something that wasn't even meant for them. ;)

  4. Hon, this is the price of popularity on the Web. :)

    Anyway, you're great! Don't let envious morons bring you down. ;-)

  5. And this is why we love you!

  6. Ahhhh I just read the post where that Anonymous person blasted you so *bravely* for cheering for your team. I'd spit if it wouldn't mess up my carpet. :P

  7. @Pobedochka: I guess... =) Thanks!

    @Lissi: Thank you, girl! :*

    @Skulda: You crack me up. =D You're awesome! :*

  8. I second this!!! Why do some people turn into 13 year olds when they get online? Thanks for stepping up to the plate and saying something, Nihrida. No one has any right to say mean, offensive, or rude things to you just because they are online.

  9. Good call. People are stupid, petty, and for the most part, insanely insecure. You've got a good thing going on here with a great group of people who support you and love you. F*** the rest of 'em, I say. :) YAY FOOTBALLLLLLLL!!!! and...of course..... YAY NAIL POLISH! :P

  10. That's quite disrespectful to come on someone's page and run their mouth! Especially since the purpose of our blogs is to help others, and share our passion for nail polish.


  11. Good for you, girl. So sad that you even have to post something like this! What is wrong with people?!

  12. Here here! This is YOUR blog and YOUR it or leave it!

    I'm lucky the people who hate me email me directly to be super nasty and evil. lol

  13. Shiiiiiittttttt. So sorry you got blasted for joking with me. I forget that not everyone who reads this will know that we are *friends* and can TEASE each other. I was totally making fun of myself!!!!! Nihrida was NOT making fun of Americans, she was teasing ME after I made fun of MYSELF.

    Sorry hun, that some people are stupid, and didn't see you and I were just joking with each other =(

  14. Hi Nihrida,

    I love your blog. I'm Brazilian/American and my husband is American. Ever since I saw the pictures of your kitties I started showing them to my husband. He loves cats! I'd always been a dog person until I met him. :-)
    That said, we just wanted to say hello and send you our virtual support. Thanks for the great posts and pictures!

  15. People... Just want to say don't let them get you, blah blah. I like you and so do others and that's all that counts.

  16. I don't understand how anyone can think that an anonymous comment means no one will ever know who you are. It's 2010 and we've had 14 years experience of looking up Ip-numbers.

    That being said, I did find it funny that somebody that clearly reads your blog had to state that they are a potential fan.

  17. just DO YOU and fuck the rest.i love your blog and everything in it now what? lemme know what happens with that polish press gizmo k.

  18. ...And this is why I love your blog!
    I think I'm gonna have to borrow twitter writer Kelly Oxford's quote for this one; "Anonymous rude comments are the coolest way to anonymously tell the world you don't think you are very important. "

    Stay Awesome :)

  19. Good idea to not let the evil people onto the blog. They don't deserve to spread their vitriol.


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