Monday, June 7, 2010

Rimmel VS S-he

Just a quick comparison of two yellows: Rimmel Sunshine vs S-he 393.

No need for both. If anyone actually likes yellow (yeah, besides you Angie!). XD

Thanks for looking!


  1. I like yellow. One of my fave varnishes ever was yellow. Mary Quant c.1971.

    There's nothing like it now. Boo hoo.....

  2. ;) everyone likes yellow. They just won't admit to it

  3. Izgledata čiiisto isto! Meni pa je všeč rumena barva. ;) Se strinjam s Scandalous! <3

  4. Yellow is so cheerful! Shame it's usually such a PITA to apply.

  5. I love yellow nail polish :)

  6. Love yellow polish and have a bunch of them. Is there even one that isn't a PITA to apply?

  7. @Lucy: I used Rimmel Sunshine once and I didn't think it was a PITA to apply. It's jelly-ish, so I didn't love the formula, but the application was OK.

  8. I adore yellow nail-polish. Adore it!

    Rilken's egg-yolk yellow wasn't a PITA to apply, on the contrary!
    But I haven't seem Rilken stands in a long, long while... around here, at least.


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