Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shocking Pink VS Magenta Flash

I told you I saw this color before. =D And I'm really good at identifying nail polish shades. Just check Babbling Brooke's blog and you'll see. ;)

NYC looks darker in bottle, but I think that's because it's a round bottle and the lighting hits it differently. You can see the colors on the color drops here:

Quite close, huh?

BTW: I'm only wearing Barry M Shocking Pink. I didn't have the heart to remove it just for this comparison.

Look: Vita and I match! =D I'd never think that babies notice polished nails, but Vita does. And she likes it a lot. When she first sees them, she makes a parrot-like noise and then she wants to ''nom nom'' on them.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Res lepa barva, krasni nohti!

    Vita je pa tko luškana, awwwwwww cukrček!

  2. awwwww. I had a baby at Mass one time try to pull my fingernails off because she was fascinated with the OPI flakie from the holiday season.

  3. @Ivana: Hvala!

    @Scandalous: My older niece does that. She must think I have fakies. =D

    @Biba: Ja, Vita je cuker. Dokler ne začne sitnarit. Kaj čmo, najboljša je v vsem. =D

  4. Vita has such wonderful taste for a baby. Her Aunt is teaching her well. Lovely shade of pink.

  5. Lovely Vita. My first husband had a little niece and she was always attracted to my polished fingernails.

  6. Hi Nihrida, I'm a brazilian girl and I love your blog, your nails, your posts...

    I love its photos with Vita, I delayed to understand that she is its niece. =)

    My english is bad, sorry...I would like to comment more, here. =(


  7. @Leticia: Thank you! =) Don't worry about your english, you don't have to apologise... It's all cool, as long as we understand each other. ;) You just keep commenting if you want.

  8. hahaha, I am a bit of a pink-a-holic ;) lol. LOVE these colors - and as usual, they look amazing on you!! :)


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