Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I just read two great jokes. =)

''On Monday Spain meets Honduras in Johannesburg... on Tuesday Greece meets Argentina in Polokwane... and on Wednesday England meets France at the ... airport!''

American meets Slovenian and asks him: ''Where's Slovenia?'' Slovenian answers: ''On the top of the group C.''

Hope noone got offended by this. XD

Photo from Irena Sirena

Now I have to take Aishila to the vet. Wish us luck!

EDIT: Just came from the vet. One injection, a pill and a few battle wounds later... and we have to come back on Monday. :/ I guess I'm really lucky I live less than a 5 minute drive from the veterinary station. And Aishila has THE BEST doctor ever. He kept calming her with his voice and he even called her a sweetie. I love seeing a man being so gentle with my cats.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Good luck at vet!! I love these jokes, specially the second one!! I'm afraid Spain is not going to win this year. We're playing soooo bad! So, If we lost, I'll support Slovenia.

  2. Sem že od jutra živčna razvalina zaradi te tekme... Je pa fajn pogledat naše postavne fante :D

  3. hahaha :) good jokes :)

    khm khm, but the picture....rawr :P *blush*

  4. Haha! Very funny ;p

    We're going to beat you today though!!! hehehe :)

  5. funny :P hehehe..... and arrrr good looking boys :) hehehe

  6. LOL
    Are those the Slovenian team members? I need to move over there!

  7. =O Pretty boys...

    I go to see the game today.
    Good luck for the Slovenia. =)

  8. awwwwww I hope kitty kitty gets better =( and yum yum! I don't like soccer, but I could fake it I suppose if one of those hotties would let me tie him to my bed for a weekend

  9. Yay for good vets!
    That photo had me staring for a bit.

  10. Love the joke, but England are going to win :o)

  11. looks like slovenia and algeria will meet at the airport ;)

  12. @Skulda: No kidding! =)

    @Anonymous: Yeah, looks like it.

  13. I know nothing of this sport...couldn't care less.
    BUT I can totally relate to a cat loving Vet. It's very sad that my cats Vet, Dr Sima, passed away a few years ago. Total cat lover thru & thru. We used to banter back and forth on whose cats were more beautiful- his or mine. He'd bring me the most ugliest cats...all maimed or deformed- one eyed, missing ears, legless and tell me they were the most beautiful creatures on earth. He said that the extra toes on my tom, Brillo, were an unsightly and gross deformity- with a *scalpel* in his hand!

  14. Aww these jokes had the potential to be funny. I'm happy they're not though :p I'm sorry that Slovenia didn't get through to the next round, I think they deserved it much more than the USA :(

  15. @ainos2: I don't know what to think about that vet of yours. =D

    @Rebecca: It was funny. Until we lost. =D

  16. Where's Slovenia again? Oh, that's right, not in the knockout rounds! Hehe :)

  17. It's hot to me to see a man being gentle and loving with cats.

    Man a little lower on the guy in the front's shorts and we'd be getting some pube shots. If he has any, that is. xD


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