Sunday, June 13, 2010

Watermark Your Photos

Pkbmum asked me: ''May I also ask how you do your watermark signature on your images? I learnt how to last year, but can't find it now anywhere. Thanks Hun''

No problemo!

1) Open your PhotoShop program and open the photo you'd like to add watermark too.
2) Click on the Type Tool (T).
3) Set your desired Font Family, Style and Size.
4) Click on the photo and type in the text.
5) Drag the text in the center (or wherever you'd like to have it). You can change the color of the watermark too. Just click on the sqare to set the foreground color.
6) Set the opacity (on the far right). I usually set it to 20%, depending on the brightness/darkness of the photo.
7) Save your watermarked photo.

Here's a really quick video (click for full size to see what I'm doing):

Thanks for looking!


  1. Oh this is useful! I was wondering how to do this. I don't think anyone would want to steal my photos as they suck but I might start doing this if I can be bothered.

  2. i am bookmarking this right now, THANKS! my desktop computer died, and i am using a mini netbook with NO CD/DVD drive, so I have to wait till I get $ to buy a new computer but i am looking forward to being able to use photoshop again!!! your tips are really extremely helpful!

  3. There is also this:

    I've never done it but if you are looking to do a bunch of photos at once this may be easier!

  4. @Rebecca: I'm glad you found this useful. =)

    @jbrobeck: And I thought noone would would care about this post. =) I hope you get your new computer soon.

  5. Hot diggity dog!! I love this!! Love learning something new from other bloggers!!

    Thanks a bunch!!

  6. Thanks for this post. I've been using the Photobucket feature but it's a pain in the butt. I think I'll use photoshop instead. :)

  7. What I do now is I make my text into a custom image. and now whenever I want to put a watermark on I click on custom image and click drag whatever size I want the water mark to be

  8. This is very helpful, Nihrida, thank you so much!!! Your watermark is great.

  9. Thanks Nihrida. I don't have Photoshop, I use PSP10. I found one for PSP and have made a watermark in PSP10 now. I have bookmarked your steps also, in case we can get photoshop though. Thanks for taking time out to tell how to do it. Much appreciated. xxx


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