Friday, June 18, 2010

Well Done, Boys!

Now you know where Slovenia is, dear American friends. =) Good game...


  1. nope...i still don't know where slovenia is ;) I just know you live there =) and it is not slovakia. but I'm guessing this means y'all beat us at something. lol

  2. Americans and geography... *hangs head* XD

  3. Before I knew Mademoiselle Nihrida, I didn't know exactly where was Slovenia on the map. I've always had hard time situating countries of this area. Shame for a girl whose 4 grand parents are from central Europe, eh? And I went to your neighbor Italia. *shame on me* But there is something to learn from everyone, from everything to me. Now I finally know where is Slovenia because of you! =)

  4. Way to insult a potential fan just because of the random place I was born! How original, bashing Americans! Jealousy is so not pretty on you.

    I am sure the most fun thing to do in Slovenia is pack up and get out anyway

  5. People who post shite anonymously don't have to balls to say what they want with their names attached to them. Grow a pair and come back to insult someone. She's showing her pride for her nation for doing well in the World Cup. There's nothing wrong with that.

    Nihrida: Definitely a great game today. I was watching it in class. lol. I'm such a great student. :D

  6. Hello! My name is Fernanda and I'm from brasil! I loooooooooove your blog! its sooooo cute *---*
    and i loved so much the glaze that change colors *-* I think is claire's mood. But, in my country doesn't exist this kind and many colors. I'm so sad because that. buut... i have a friend in ny, and she will be gave to me some glazes *---*
    well, your blog is great! congratulations :D

  7. Congrats! Love that pic you posted. I'm personally rooting for my father's country Italy. Gotta luv the world cup :D.

  8. it was on my bing page today, and my dear friend knowing thats where you are-i looked at the various info -nice place and i see why you love wildlife so much cause the is a lot of forest and great stuff and the meditteranean and the alps WOW! my good friend Nihrida!!!!WE in the US I,dont really follow soccer that much-and it was only on national channel last friday(because of the concert-i think) otherwise its on cable here- football here is all together something else.i like them both i dont have cable congrats to Slovenia :)

  9. Soooooo funny story....i came across your blog the other day and saw that you were from slovenia, and then i heard yesterday that they were going to be playing the U.S. well i was thinking to myself:
    (besides hearing of it once or twice long ago)
    "where have i heard that befo......OH YEAH!!! thats where that girl (i forgot your name at the time) from that blog is from!!!" and even though i am not a huge soccer fan i was secretly rooting for them (for so now hopefully people know what/where it is.

  10. "How original, bashing Americans!"

    @ Anonymous: Have you even watched any US news and the way they were making fun of us? Well, that was kinda insulting...

  11. @jellynat: Nothing to be ashamed of. =D It's actually very flattering for me that you know about Slovenia because of me. =)

    @Anonymous: If you're reffering to my post, I don't think there's anything insulting about it. And if you're reffering to my answer to Scandalous - that was meant for her (because I know *she HAS* a sense of humor).
    I have nothing to be jealous about. Especially not for the place you live in. And if you'd ever see Slovenia, you'd know it's one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Americans come here all the time. And they love it too.

    @Lady C: Thanks. I hope watcing a game during your class won't get you in trouble. But then again, I also did the same thing 8 years ago. XD

    @Fernanda: Thank you for your kind words! I hope you get those Claire's polishes. =)

    @Lor: It doesn't really matter who you're rooting for. As long as it brings people together. =D

    @aaminahs mom: Glad you like Slovenia. =)

    @Kalee: That's so sweet of you! :***

    @Biba: Saj nima smisla... ;)

  12. I just happened to be watching the news when they ran that story! And I thought of my dear friend Sasha and how happy she must be! And for those of you who don't know where Slovenia is, Donald Trump married a woman from Slovenia.


  13. @Anonymous: This post had nothing to do with bashing Americans. I guess you don't waatch American comedy and how they bash other countries all the time "all in good fun". Get over yourself.

  14. Sasa - I was cheering your your team at work when the game was on. My Croatian boss had the nerve to ask me if I even knew where Solvenia was. "Uhm... shouldn't you know? After all they are your neighbours."

    XD hehehe!

  15. I'm not into soccer but I'm growing increasingly curious with all the soccer talk surrounding me these days.

    I shall cheer for my homeland (USA) and my "motherland" (from my fathers side)(Argentina/Slovenia). My history knowledge is shitty and I didn't know about the link between the former Yugoslavia and Slovenia. My older brother was over the other day and watching soccer. He told me he was watching our "motherland" play and I thought he meant Argentina (where my father was born). But he quickly corrected me and told me he was watching our grandparents "motherland" play. I look at the TV and saw it was Slovenia. I immediately thought of you because I don't know anyone else from there.

    And to the easily offended sense-of-humor-lacking Anonymous person: Grow up!

  16. @Skulda: Yep, Americans bash over Canada all the time, but I guess that's OK. ;) Thanks for cheering for us! :*

    @Lissi: I don't expect people to know everything, but I really like to see them get interested... I look up things on the internet all the time, 'cause I love to learn and I always have a lot of questions. That's the important thing.
    I'm proud of my country and I'm happy you remembered I'm from Slovenia. =)

  17. I love that graphic! That was a great game.

  18. oh shitttttttttttt I didn't mean to start a war! I was making fun of MYSELF!!!!!! for talking to you all the time and still not knowing where Slovenia is. Ugh, it pisses me off that someone took it that You were making fun of ME...

  19. Chris and I watched the game, He cheered USA and I cheered both. lol I sounded crazy but hey I have friends there and I couldn't help but cheer.
    It was a great game and I want to pack myself in a frieght and come see you!


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