Saturday, July 3, 2010

Blue Comparison

I still owe you this one.

Here they are all lined up on my nails: LA Girl Deejay, H&M Blue My Mind, Barry M Cobalt Blue and Pure Ice French Kiss.

These are all really tricky to photograph. There are no dupes and Barry M & Pure Ice don't look as much alike in real life.

Let's see them all one by one:
1) LA Girl Deejay - jelly like consistency, application and brush are OK, the least opaque of the bunch - 3 coats
2) H&M Blue My Mind - almost completely opaque in one coat, great brush and awesome application - 2 coats
3) Barry M Cobalt Blue - the opacity and the application = WOW! It's the most opaque of the bunch and applies the best - 2 coats
4) Pure Ice French Kiss - very good application, opacity and brush - 2 coats

Color: All of them are different and beautiful enough to own them all. H&M Blue My Mind stands out the most - it's the most gorgeous blue I've ever seen. A definite must-have!

Quality: Barry M is a pure winner in this category. Great brush, application and opacity. I must recommend you to try Barry M polishes if you haven't tried them yet. H&M is a *really* close runner-up.

Which ones do you have and which one is your favorite from these?

Thanks for looking!


  1. Vsi so lepi! <3

    Super primerjava! :)

  2. I have the barry m one and I couldn't agree with you more. Its amazing!! I may need to get my hands on the H&M one as well now i've seen it :)

  3. I have H&M blue my mind, and I love it! it looks so cool when you do a french nail with blue my mind as base and put a pastel color at the tips :D

  4. I don't own any of these. Love the H & M also. I'm sure I have something like these. It's really a beautiful shade as they all are.


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