Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Bravest Little Kitty

Thank you for all your kind and encouraging words yesterday! They mean a lot to me.

The first bill was 60€ and the neighbours can't comprehend why someone would take their cat to the vet. I thought we live in the 21st century...

I have to ''torture'' Aishila three times a day. Pills in the morning and in the evening and occasional nose wash-out. Still, she doesn't hate me. She fights back, but she still shows her affection towards me. I think she knows I'm just trying to help her. The other day, at the vet, it looked like she was comforting me. After everything she's been through I couldn't help myself and I started to cry. She looked at me and started to rub her nose against mine.

Her little shaved leg...

Once again: THANK YOU for all the words and positive energy!

Here's a bonus photo for Lisa from Glammed Up and all the other beetle lovers out there. I promised I'll take a photo of a beetle when I see one and here it is. I wanted to photograph it from the top (like it should be), but it flew away immediately. Don't worry, I didn't torture it. It somehow managed to find it's way to our kitchen and I had to catch it in a plastic cup.
Too bad you can't see how beautiful it is. It's not only duochrome, but trichrome. It changes color from yellow and green to blue on top. Wonderful! It looks a lot like Green Scarab Beetle, but unfortunately I don't know which species this one belongs to.

Thanks for looking!


  1. That is the cutest story about Aishila rubbing her nose on yours to make you feel better! We have a new kitten in the house and all he wants to do is attack my nose! He gives me this weird look and that's when I know to back up or I'll get a face full of claws! :)

  2. Oh sweetie I am so very sorry things are so crap-tastic right now! And I'm sorry I havn't been around lately and didn't give you a massive internet hug yesterday!
    I totally understand your frustration with the neighbors! How can you not treat a hurting animal??? Me and Rob have spent a small fortune on vet bills over the past 5 years. when Louie got sick , twice, it cost over $1,500 each time! since he is a lizard it is ridiculously expensive! And Nakita (our husky) had two surgeries, the second which took her life, we even had to pay for that one anyway! Needless to say we don't use that vet anymore!

    I hope Aishila gets better really really quick!
    {{{Huge hugs to you both}}}

  3. Hey there. I'm a new blogger, but love yours. :-) I'm so very sorry about your kitty. :-( I can't believe that your neighbors think you shouldn't take your cat to the vet! You did the right thing. I know how you feel. I have two cats, and they are my babies. I pretty much freak out when one gets sick. I always fear the worst. Your baby is SO cute, and I'm glad the tests came back neg. I hope she feels lots better soon....and you too! Hang in there. *HUGS*

    By the way, I started a nail blog, and would love to have you follow. If you're interested. :-)

  4. Awww your poor kitty. At least now you are helping her with the medicine. Pets are amazing, they give us so much love and expect nothing in return. I hope your kitty gets better asap.

  5. Awww, I always feel like crying when I read about your kitty !!
    She's a fighter ;)

    Ugh...I don't really like beetles but they have lovely colors!!

  6. Your kitty will never be mad at you for long. They fuss like kids and will forget about the medicine 10 minutes later.

    That beetle is GORGEOUS!!!!!!

  7. Obe z Aishilo sta zelo pogumni! Želim, da se stvari čimprej obrnejo na bolje... *hugs*

  8. So she's going to be ok? And she's the one who consolate you... :)

    I have "tortured" my cats with pills and wound clean up over the years and they never hated me. For sure they're upset but that cannot break a love. Somewhere, I think they know it's for their good even if they don't like to be cured.

    There are people who don't think it's normal to take a cat to the vet, just like they think it's not normal to cry rivers when they die or suffer. In the middle of the 21st century, there will still probably be those kind of people. I think it's normal to spend 60€ for a cat. They're family members. I've spent crazy money for my cats too. But the love they give us is unconditional and impossible to doubt. I trust animals more than humans. When I I think of my lost kitty, I remember her eyes full of love. This has no price.

    Do you imagine how cool a polish looking like a beetle would be?

  9. What a sweetie! She's probably so happy that you are spending time with her.

    Beetles like that are so lovely.

  10. I'm glad Aishila is going to be ok. They know when we feel down too, she just loves you and wants you to know she loves you and she'll be ok don't you worry about her :)

    I know I treat Orton like a child but to me he is my child and he needs to go to the doctor too, I think work should let me use Family Sick Leave in thoses cases since he is my family but they say no it has to be

  11. I hope Aishila will be alright! I've been following your blog for a while but have never commented, your kitties health has provoked me though! I will send positive energy your way and keep her in my thoughts.

  12. here's some love for the kitty!


  13. Love to your bundle of fur! <3

  14. I hope your kitty feels better soon, she will
    get over it and she wil understand is for her good well

  15. Glad you're kitty is doing well. :-)

    Kind of looks like a japanese beetle maybe?

  16. It is so stressful having a sick kitty :-( I am fellow animal lover (with the huge vet bills to prove it). Our kitty Princess Leia has asthma, but it is fairly well controlled by medication. I hope Aishila feels better soon! Remember to take care of yourself too! Cats are smarter than most people think. I am sure she knows that you are helping her!

  17. Oh lovie, I 'm so sorry! I'm a horrible friend and have been so busy I didn't even know that my favorite fur baby Aishila was ill!
    I sent you both huge hugs filled with love and healing!

    If you need me you have my email...I promise to be a better e-friend!

  18. xoxo kitty love! and ick! bugs! but its a very pretty color...

  19. Upam, da se bo bogica hitro pozdravila!!! Kljub temu da ji ni všeč, ko ji daješ zdravila. Sigurno se zaveda, da ji želiš le pomagati! Sigurno! Živali vedo, kdo jih ima resnično rad in vedo, kdo jih ne bo pustil na cedilu. ;)

    Včasih je prav scary ... pri tebi se mi je že velikokrat kaj takega zgodilo ... a veš, da sem ravno včeraj fotkala po moje ama enakega hroča kot ti??? Scary res ... sploh ker to ni prvič, da počneva ali misliva podobne reči. Huh ... No, "moj" hrošč se po pokazal enkrat danes zvečer. ;) Je pa bil ful potrpežljive sorte in je lepo poziral. LOL

    Pozdravček zate in nose rub za Aishilo. *)

  20. I know how you feel. But I'm sure that our little furry friends are stronger than they seem.
    many hugs and positive thoughts :)

  21. Hey Sasha: I think animals know when you're trying to help them. My DH used to say this a lot. And he was really smart about animals. Who cares what your neighbors think. She's your baby.
    I really hope she gets better!
    ((((hugs))))) to her and to you!!

  22. The neighbors questioned your decision to get medical care for you pet? You seem to have more patience than me to put up with that kind of crap. Sending all kinds of positivity y'alls way :)

  23. Kitteh will forgive you soon, I promise. ;)

    Love the beetle, I've never seen anything like that! The colours!


  24. I'm sending lots of get well kitty force.

    Brave girl x

  25. I'm sending lots of healing love to your adorable Aishila. It's so awful to have to take care of your pet like that. It's for their own good but it's tough to do. She definitely knows your helping her. She loves you very much and is comforting you. Animals know when we're hurting for sure. My Mom's poodle January always knew when she was sick. He would sit in front of her and look at her with such care. She had breast cancer then and dealt with it for five years. He loved her and cared for her till he died.

  26. The cats feel our love, our care. Desire that is all good.

    P.S. Beautiful beetle. =)


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