Thursday, July 15, 2010

Catrice - Clay-ton My Hero

It's so damn hot!!! But our vineyard doesn't care about the temperatures. After a few hours of work, I'm completely exhausted. And I still have to wash my hair... *drops dead* At least Aishila and Gaia are in better mood. They went with us to the vineyard and were exploring while we were working. =) Such sweethearts. Later in the evening, Aishila will come to sleep on my bed and claim it for herself. I never knew how much space can a small cat like her take.

EDIT: I'm sorry for just a half of post. I found out disturbing news while writing it...

Catrice, Clay-ton My Hero, 3 coats

In my Crappy:

Natural light:

I'll try to make a comparison between this one and ChG Ingrid today.

Thank you for looking!


  1. Pretty! I think I'm going to pick this one up tomorrow!

  2. It's a very beautiful colour!
    Take it easy!

  3. Beautiful! :) That's one of my favorite Catrice shades although it doesn't quite match my skin tone. Very classy and I love the golden shimmer :)

  4. I so love this one... How does it compare to VV Ingrid?


  5. Yay! I have this one. My one and only Catrice. :D It's damn hot in Sweden too. I'm melting away, not to mention my brain is.

  6. I still can't get with the gray polishes but your nail still look gorgeous! Does your kitty claim your pillow?


  7. Really liking this shade. I love anything with that gold shimmer. Take it easy and drink plenty of water. Also plenty for the animals.

  8. Love this color! Wish Catrice was available in the US!

  9. So pretty! I wonder how this compares to Sephora by OPI Run With It or Under My Trenchcoat?

  10. Ooh, this is beautiful. I can't wait to see how similar it is to Ingrid.

  11. This looks gorgeous on you. I think it'll go on the wish list.

  12. very beautiful taupe shade...but i am sorry you had to find out disturbing news - hope everything is alright. Take care!


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