Thursday, July 8, 2010

China Glaze Vintage Vixen Swatches Pt. 1

Here is the first part of my China Glaze Vintage Vixen swatches. I used no base/top coat with these. The application was great on all, no problems there.

Riveter Rouge, 2 coats

Deep red with gold glitter. Very pretty and classy.

Foxy, 3 coats

Burgundy red with bronze shimmer. So gorgeous! Photos aren't doing it any justice. This one might be the highlight of the collection.

Goin' My Way?, 3 coats

Brown shimmer. Also very pretty. Edgy in a classy way.

Foxy and Goin' My Way are described as frosts but as you can see there are almost no streaks visible. Vintage Vixen collection has some of the best frosts I've ever seen. And I don't generally like frosty finishes. These are all really easy to work with and dry quickly too. Removing is easy and all in all - the quality is *great*. Well done, China Glaze!

The next part is coming soon...


  1. OMG, skoraj sem dol padla, ko sem videla tvoje swatche! Super si ujela te lepotce! Komaj čakam, da jih bomo lahko kupili tudi v Sloveniji! <3

  2. goin my way has to come homw with me.........nice posts. glad youre feeling better too. :)

  3. Viii, sem nekako upala in čakala na tvoje swatche teh lepotcev! :D

  4. I think maybe these three are my favorites. I really do love all of this collection. I really do pray things get better for you.


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