Sunday, July 18, 2010

Greeting Card for Feline

My sister Amikadeja is the best. She offered to make greeting card for Feline from Alizarine Claws. I know how Feline likes green color and cats, so those were the two things I wanted to see... And Amikadeja did a GREAT job. See for yourself.

I just *love* the details. =)

Thank you so much, Amikadeja!


  1. Wow your sister did a great job! I love it :D

  2. And I love it! <3 Thank you, Amikadeja! :)

    All polishes have been carefully ducumented and placed in the right spots in the stash, but the card is still beside me where I'm sitting right now. :) (I love cards. Does this mean I'm a grown-up? I almost treaseure cards more than presents.)

  3. Feline: I don't believe in growing up anyway... XD

  4. That is such a cute card, I love it!

    My sister made me some necklaces, and the little cat that's hanging on the card, is also on one of them :D

  5. Beautiful card. I really admire your sisters talent.


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