Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It Looks Familiar

I was just going through my Google Reader and I saw a new nail polish brand on Prim and Polished blog. I'm always interested in new brands, so I checked it out. The brand is called A Beautiful Life.

This might sound weird, but their swatches looked familiar to me. Here they are:

Nuit and Blues reminded me of something else... Oh, now I remember... Diamond Cosmetics swatches:

I'm not saying this are the same, or that they're dupes, 'cause I've never even seen A Beautiful Life polishes IRL, but you can do the math. Shroom and Dirty & Flirty are both champagne frosts while Vette looks more like Tranquility or Oh, Tiff than Serendipity (based on swatches made by Gina from Prim and Polished).

Both A Beautiful Life and Diamond Cosmetics polishes are big 3 free. DC polishes retail for 2.25 USD and ABL for 12 USD.

What do you think?


  1. It's amazing. The blobs are even in the exact same spot.

    However, given the recent Ginger & Liz saga, we'd better be careful what we say or the lawyers might have our heads!

  2. You're being too harsh. A Beautiful Life has created "Juiced", which DC don't have! =PPP
    Seriously, who are they kidding?

  3. Priceless:) They didn't even do new color drops, just used the same ones.

    Oh, and I hope you don't get sued now XD

  4. @emmajoy: Exactly. I don't think I said anything offensive.

    @Trincess: Yeah, I couldn't find that one. *hangs head in shame* XD

  5. yeah i've noticed this. i was planning on getting some from each to compare, because now you can't really say anything yet.. but it's veeery interesting, i agree.

  6. and i honestly don't understand why they'd go for the same bottles, caps and swatches. i think (opinion :') ), it's not the smartest thing to do, haha.

  7. things that make ya go hmmm.....

  8. do they really think we're stupid or what?!
    thanks for posting this

  9. Those polish-puddles have exactly same streaks and rings in them! At least some of them, for example Silverado and Ho Ho Silver. The pics are the same, the colors of other pic are just adjusted darker/lighter (whichever became first).

    Not so wise, I should say o.O

  10. Wow.. Is all I have to say.

  11. Do they really think no one would notice?!

  12. Although i think brands like Ginger + Liz are over reacting, if you analyse it well, Diamond Cosmetics are not being correct. Ginger + Liz are "victims" of DC, not of bloggers that know polishes very well. DC shouldn't comercialize colours they sell to brands, it's not a very honest policy. And those brands, shouldn't buy colours already in the market and relabel them. Instead of being pissed with bloggers they should be pissed with Diamond Cosmetics.
    It's important to be honest and have goodwill in all business. That's my opinion.
    I'm sorry for the huge text!

  13. Hmmmmm......*Goes to check with attorney*
    They "look" suspiciously similar to me.
    *looks around for d&c's falling from the sky*

  14. :-0 And the colour swatches are placed in the same order!?

  15. The blobs are even in the exact same spot. [2]

    It's the exact same image. Only difference is the size and contrast. It wouldn't surprise if they would make dupes of all the shades but promoting themselves using another company's picture is a little bit too much.

  16. They look exactly the same to me. SUmmabish! LOL Good eye, S.

  17. Mmm...after that G+L thing...
    I Wonder how many sub-brands DC owns...or the other way around...

    But..as most polish "freaks" know everything about their polishes, how did they expect to fool us? We've got very good eyes, and are usually good at observing things... lol...

  18. @*Fleur*: Yeah, me too. =)

    @Michele: I guess nail polish companies aren't as good at swatching nail polishes ad we bloggers are. XD

    @Helena: I love DC polishes and I don't think that companies who buy from them are ''victims'' of any kind. DC have their own brand of polishes and I'm sure they could mix some other color too if the other company wanted too. And they could have an arrangement that DC can't sell that specific shade. But that's just my opinion. ;)

    @smalty: No, I placed the swatches in this order. To make it more clear. =)

    @Thifa: Totally agree with you!

    @L: My sight of an eagle... XD

    @Sarah B.: They can't fool us (nail polish freaks), but ''normal'' people - probably. I know a few ladies who think that more expensive means better quality, so... But we know better now.

  19. oh geez...not again. I can't deal with any more nail world drama. Hopefully A Beautiful Life has a PR person capable of making smart decisions so they don't shoot themselves in the foot with most of their customers also.

    anyway...they do look very similar, even the blob pictures look the same. If they are going to straight up re-label things they could at least take new blob pictures and not line up the colors in the exact same order.
    I don't really care if companies are using DC's private label, but at least try and have some creativity. Especially when I can go buy the same exact polish for $10 less. We are obviously not stupid and things like this have a way of spreading.

    *adds another company to list of brands I won't bother buying from*

  20. Um, WOW. Pathetic is a good word for this. Hahaha wow.

  21. Geez, not this again. Like you said, they can't fool us. After this whole Ginger + Liz thing, you'd think they'd at least change the freakin' color drops!

  22. I thought they looked like Diamond Cosmetics swatches too - but I didn't want to be the first to say something - lol! Not trying to get sued. =)

  23. Oh, and Juiced might just be Lemon Yellow Zest.

    @Helena - if the companies choose to use DC as their supplier, it's up to them to pick bottles, colors, etc. It seems more to me that they're too lazy to create their own signature look and colors.

  24. @Jen: I lined up the colors in this order. They're not lined up like that on the DC site. ;) Just wanted to make it clear for everyone.

    @ABOP: We're all just waiting now... Is somebody going to start threatening with their lawyer or not. It's sad, really.

  25. Interesting. I have never tried Diamond Cosmetics so I am not sure. A Beautiful Life contacted me and asked if I'd like to try the product so I said sure.

    I am not sure what happened with the G/L thing? Anyone want to fill me in?

    So do you all think ABL is selling Diamond polishes for more $ claiming "eco friendly" ?

  26. Someone probably already mentioned this but I'm too lazy and tired to look. Diamond Cosmetics do use their polish to sell to other companies and customize the bottles for wholesale. <.< mebbe thats the case here.

  27. i thought so too but didn't do the research to compare

  28. Sound I ask my PR contact if they use Diamond as their supplier?

    I almost feel bad about my blog post now!!

  29. @Gina: I have a couple of DC polishes and I really like them, so if they DO make nail polish for ABL, I can see why you like them. =)

    Sara from Daily Polished made a comparison of DC and G+L polishes and now she's getting sued by G+L. Read more about it on her blog: http://dailypolish.com (post from July 17th).

    I'm not gonna say that their (ABL) polishes aren't eco friendly... frankly I don't know. But I'd love to see the ingredients if you have them. I can compare them with DC ingredients then. If you decide to contact your PR - I don't think they're gonna tell you who their supplier is. It doesn't matter really.

    There's NOTHING to feel bad about, Gina! You did what every nail polish blogger would do. And you did it professionaly. I'm not saying that ABL is a bad company or anything like that. I just think they might get their polishes from DC. And it's cheaper to buy them from DC. =) That's all. Loved your post!

    I was actually thinking for a while... if I should post it with your link or not. I'm really glad you didn't react in a negative way like it happened before (with my G+L post). I hope you know this has nothing to do with you and you did a great job for ABL. Now a lot of people know who they are. =)

    Once again, you have nothing to feel bad about! :*

    @Skulda: I know that, but to just copy/paste the color drops... and to sell their np for 12 USD is just lazy. Isn't it?

  30. I don't mind you posting my link at all, I didn't take any offense to that. No worries :-)

    I actually think it's really interesting to see practically identical swatches used... and it is funny that Vette is a creme and the swatch does not appear like a creme at all.

    I am actually going to check out Diamond, their prices cannot be beat really so yes if someone is selling the same products for $10 more it's robbery LOL.

    I googled and figured out the G&L issue. I am actually an attorney and honestly I think the attorney involved in that situation was just being a bully because that is how a lot of attorneys roll. LOL

  31. Oooh. The blobs look IDENTICAL! Actually, I don't think that Diamond Cosmetics is trying to hide anything, they're very up front about the fact that they do distribute wholesale their products. It's never been a secret, I knew that the first time I ordered from them, they just don't state who they sell to I don't think. I'd be VERY curious for a comparison!
    Talk about jacking up a pricetag.
    *ducks and runs from the lawyers* :P

  32. Great post. You have an eye for this.
    But I guess these companies care less about bloggers than about their ordinary customer-base that don't research and just buy what looks nice

  33. Hey, you're right!! They're quite identical!!!


  34. Nihrida, you're absolutely right they could've chosen custom made colors! I looked it up and DC did indeed offer this service, so yeah :D

  35. I see exact same polishes. Diamond Cosmetics does distribute their polishes for wholesale. The other company just got found out.

  36. I'm testing ABL polishes right now (Frosh & Envy) Envy reminds me so much of Not So-Ever-Green!
    They say that they made this line of colors b/c they couldn't find them in any other polish line. HA!
    My review is coming soon...

  37. Hi Guys, Before you start trashing my company, I think a little reality check is in order. First off, the poster clearly states that she has not used or tried the products. Secondly, the chart you posted as coming from Diamond Cosmetics exists nowhere on their site...you cut and pasted them in that order to make your point. That's a fact. And while the swatch colors are similar, they do not appear to be exact matches when compared with our online chart.

    We use a lab and custom formulated our products. Is it the same lab? I frankly don't know. But you'd be surprised how many $28 dollar lipsticks come out of the same filling facility as the discount brands.

    We worked hard to develop a 3 free formula that uses soy and grain based compounds wherever possible. Am I going to share my trade secrets to you? Nope. I've been in the beauty business for over ten years, and our reputation and knowledge is hard won.

    We know our customers appreciate the fun, and functionality of our products, and color story we developed.

    I love the enthusiasm of the blogosphere, and the venue so many have provided within which we share our products. But please don't be hasty to tear down based on speculation and third hand misinformation. Hopefully this bit of common sense, rather than a lawyer, will shed some light here...


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