Monday, July 19, 2010

Lacura - Cyclam

I purchased this polish in Hofer (Aldi) store for 2 €. It's completely opaque in one coat but also a bit goopy and needed some thinner. The color speaks for itself. Candy-like!

Lacura, Cyclam, 2 coats

I really like the color, but the application - not so much. Then again: for 2 €, it's still worth it.

Can you guess whose are the unpolished paws?

Yes, that's right. It's Aishila. :)

Thanks for looking!


  1. Nice colour! And €2 is not so bad for a lovely polish with bad application. Love your cat!

  2. Nice paws and your claws. ;)
    How old is Aishila? :)

  3. @Spaceinvaders: I'm sure Aishila would love you back. =)

    @Biba: Še vedno ji dajem Medrol in še vedno ima težave z dihanjem. Tudi izpiram ji nosek s fiziološko raztopino... Očitno so se ji res naredili polipi. Če ne bo šlo drugače, bo potrebna operacija. :/ Strah me je, ker je baje zelo boleča. Hvala, ker si vprašala, Biba! :*

    @Ioewe: Thanks! She's 3 years old.

  4. Awww.. The picture of your nails with Aishila's paws put a smile on my face :) What is it about kitties that make everything else just melt away? :)

  5. Cute kitty feets! And nice nails!

  6. Pretty colour. It's interesting hearing about/seeing brands from different parts of the world. We don't get so many brands in Canada.

  7. I like the colour and Aishila is really cute. She looks sassy :P

  8. Great color! I'm jealous, though; I've never been to an Aldi with nail polish.

  9. I love Aldi's beauty and skincare range!

  10. Wow loved the colour. This reminds me i've been looking for a neon purple polish for a while :/ i can't seem to find one anywhere in my city. Of course yours isn't purple but i just remebered this lol. I loved the colour of your polish and i like the price even more lol i'm a fan of having lots of cheap (but good) polishes because you can buy more of them.

  11. Oh, upam, da ne potrebna operacija... :(

    Velik objem za obe!

  12. Very pretty shade. Like this! Looks pretty on you.


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