Monday, July 26, 2010

Missing in Action

I went to see my BF: He's at home ''babysitting'' for his grandma. =) That's why I was missing in action. During this time...

... I got to see Piksi and Bozho (and I also got to try out my new telephone camera).

... I drank some of the best Slovenian beer (Laško). Eliksir is *the* best beer ever. ;)

... I ate cheesburger in the park, drank Sprite and fed the pigeons. Yeah, I was the crazy bird lady for a short while.

... I saw what a ''nazi'' store looks like. XD

And all this time Guppy 64 was on my nails.

I also got a *great* deal on this biker fake leather jacket in New Yorker. I've always wanted a jacket like this one... =)

Amisu, 49.95 € (on sale for 9.95 €)

My nails are naked at the moment and I'm still deciding on what to wear next. Any suggestions?

Thank you for looking!


    The word swastika is derived from the Sanskrit word svastika (in Devanagari स्वस्तिक), meaning any lucky or auspicious object, and in particular a mark made on persons and things to denote good luck. It is composed of su- meaning "good, well" and asti "to be" svasti thus means "well-being." The suffix -ka either forms a diminutive or intensifies the verbal meaning, and svastika might thus be translated literally as "that which is associated with well-being," corresponding to "lucky charm" or "thing that is auspicious."

    I belong to a few communities on the interwebs that try and spread the word to "save the swastika".


  2. is that handsome gray kitty Bohzo
    wear some grey polish for that special grey kitty

  3. My local bar carries Lasko. :D I tried it last time, was great! I like eastern European lagers. But of course Staropramen is my favourite... ;) (Sorry.)

    New Yorker's sales are the best! And you should wear a bright blue again, they look so great on you! <3

  4. Love the jacket ^_^ I bought similar to yours, except that my is white denim, and also from New Yorker :D

  5. Okay wow I love everything about this post. The cats, the crazy bird lady (because I get like that, too!), the leather jacket, the tattoo, and of course the polish! It looks so badass next to that jacket, too!

  6. Wow, beer, sprite AND a cheesburger... You really went all out :D

  7. @Skulda: I was wondering if anyone is gonna comment on that. =) I know about swastika and that we can find it in most religions... But still, the nazis made it ''oh so popular''. ;)
    Great thing you do, Skulda... Rock on! :*

    @peripatetic33: Yes, that's Bozho. Will wear grey... Thanks for the suggestion! =)

    @Feline: Really? You can get Lasko in Sweden!? O.o Whoa! =D I've never had Staropramen. They don't sell in in stores in my town, but I've heard it's REALLY good. Until I try it, Lasko is my no. 1. =) When it comes to beer, we (Slovenes) like to drink our own beer: Lasko or Union. =)
    Bright blue it is. After grey. =D Thanks!

    @Yennefer: Really? I didn't see any denim ones... It wouldn't count anyway. I'm a leather lover all the way. And lately, I prefer if it's fake.

    @Aurora's Nails: =) I'm really glad.

    @*Fleur*: I'll need a week to get back in my old shape because of all that junk. XD

  8. U, mačkona sta prava lepotca!

    Eliksir pa moram čimprej probat... Ni ga čez Laško! :D

  9. Pretty kitties, gorgeous nailpolish and that jacket is too cool! :D

  10. That leather jacket is awesome!

  11. I bet that jacket would look awesome on you.
    Cute kittehs. Yea I'd say a little of both colors like grey and black for both kittes. Ya know french mani like. Or grey and white.

  12. The kitties are so cute! Love the jacket, as well.

  13. @Biba: Eliksir je pravo ''babje'' temno pivo. Poročaj! =D

    @MissMidnightBlue: That IS me on the photo (wearing the jacket). XD

  14. I didn't want to be the first to comment. I know that the origin of the swastika was a good word. I know it was used by East Indian's on temples, etc. I didn't know if the store carried Nazi uniforms, etc. Why was the clothing holder like that. Was this a true store that sold Nazi items? Yes, the Germans used this symbol for murder and evil. It sickens me that people use if just for fun and the idiots today that are Nazi wannabe's. Well the rest of the post was great. I like you sandals better when I see them at the angle in your photo. Love the jacket also. I don't like beer but the cheeseburger sounds good. Be well darling.

  15. The kitties are so cute and love the jacket too. However, the Nazis tilted the swastika a little bit so the bottom rested on the point of one of the arms. Before then, the swastika always rested on the base of one of the arms.

    Glad you are back!


  16. Aww kittiessss.. :D Score with the jacket ;)

  17. Yes! :D But so far I'be only seen Lasko in my local bar- I hardly visit the licquor store as I am not a heavy drinker, rather enjoy my occational cold beer. :) And Swedes are pretty much the same, we mainly drink our own brands: Falcon, Pripps, Norrlands Guld, and a bunch of other national brews, but for the connaiseurs there are lots to choose from in our governmental licquor stores, and in many bars. :) (Yes, Swedes drink a lot.)

  18. I also have to add in on the swastika discussion now that I took a closer look: I don't mind making fun of nazis, 'cause that is the best thing to do to them, and also what I feel you do by posting the swastika clothing rack xD but I don't think it's necessarily a meaningful thing to do, trying to wash away the bad reputation of the swastika from the days of the Third Reich. The symbol has just been loded with so much crap that I think lobbying to bring the positive meaning of it back will just backfire. It's not worth it.

    Also, for Skulda's use you might want to note that the hedonistic Swedes (AKA the vikings) used it a lot too, as a settlement mark. Since it's originally a sun symbol I don't find it to be strange at all, but I think it has been deprived of all its original meaning, so just let the swastika rest in peace between the sheets of history books.

  19. I want a nail design with nautic stars :)

  20. No offence but Laško and Union are typical commercial fake beers like most "factory" beers. Ok no i am mistaken they arent fake beers they arent beers at all. If you want to drink real beer in Slovenia you have go to micro-breweries like for example Adam Ravbar or Rokovnjač!


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