Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New in my Closet

I can't remember when was the last time that I went clothes shopping. Well, if I don't count Monday. I got myself 2 tops (New Yorker) and a swimsuit (Ann Christine).

Amisu, 12.95 € (on sale for 4.95 €)

Fishbone, 9.95 € (on sale for 4.95 €)

The color is prettier IRL and not so washed out. Something like on the photo below. I love this color, whatever it's called - royal blue, ultramarine? Help me out here.

Ann Christine, top 11.95 € and bottoms 7.95 € (on sale for 7.95 € and 2.95 €)

And another T-shirt, which I didn't buy myself. I got it from USA and it's *perfect*. I love it!

Print close-up.

What do you think? Is there any piece you'd wear too?

Thanks for looking!


  1. wow, the black top looks stunning on you!

  2. I love the black one! But they're all really great, it's just that black is more my colour. And love the horses. Damn, I love them all :))

  3. everything looks great! and you look damn hot in that swimsuit!

  4. I love both tops, especially the blue one :)
    And I will be searching for them later, I hope our New Yorker still has them, too.

  5. @Lewelya: Thanks! =)

    @*Fleur*: Potem imava podoben okus. =)

    @Nati: *blushes* Thanks!

  6. all the shirts/tops are lovely, nice bargains you got :)
    and the arabian horse (?) tee is just out of this world, so beautiful/serene :)
    do you have any idea whereabouts from USA it's from and is it sold online?

  7. Melly, I don't know. Ask Lisa from Glammed Up blog. =)

  8. Thanks <3 I'm so hoping I can get my hands to it :D

  9. Jaz sem tudi sla v clothes shopping.. spet :P
    Po mesecih ko sem samo kozmetiko kupovala.. :)
    Sem odkrila, da mi je Ann Christine zelo vsec... taka poceni rec, ki ima trendy zadeve.
    Lepe reci si si izbrala, tista modra je tudi krasna!

  10. Really love the blue top! Too cute!

  11. lalalove that blue shirt! so pretty!

  12. LOVE that first shirt...they're all cute, but that first top is simply adorable!

  13. Those tops are so cute! I love that color of blue, it think its my favorite color right now.

  14. I love the bikini! such a great price too

  15. Cobalt blue!
    That t-shirt is awesome!!

  16. Love those two tops. Very pretty back detail. Bikini is fantastic looking. Love the bronze shade. T-shirt is really cute.

  17. I love all your bought clothes!


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