Saturday, July 31, 2010

NOTD and New Chocolate

Today was my father's birthday party so I spent all day with the people I love and that includes both of my lovely nieces. =) It's been a good day.

Color Club, Catwalk Queen, 3 coats

I can't say a lot about this polish. It's pretty, but that's it. It's a dark purple shimmer and it needs three coats to get the desired opacity. Not impressed.

I believe I haven't showed you my new cell phone yet. It's LG BL 20 also called ''New Chocolate''. It's not that new anymore, but it is new to me. I was a loyal Nokia user, but I guess I'm not anymore. This little thing caught my eye and I had to get it. And it was only 1€ with my new mobile operator contract. The commercial for this telephone is the most epic one I've ever seen. Check it out HERE. =D

I can use it as a mirror also. XD And every morning, when it's time for me to take my pills, my little ''chocolate'' sings for me: ''Good morning, good morning....'' =)

I have to add that I'm not too much into technology. I don't really care what my phone can or can not do. This time I only wanted it to have a camera. And it does - a 5 megapixel one. I don't know about the lens, but it makes decent photos. In my ''Missing in Action'' post there are some photos I took with it: both cats, Eliksir beer bottle and Sprite bottle.

I'd really like to know: which brand is your mobile phone?

Thanks for looking!


  1. Nice colour! And nice phone :)

    I've got a blackberry storm 2 :)

  2. Nokia, but I'm not much into tech phones too, I just got it from my husband :-)

  3. Prekrasan lak, baš volim ljubičastu u zadnje vrijeme :)

    Mobitel imam LG COOKIE, prvo sam imala srebrni pa mi ga je moj mali zvrk bacio u wc hahhaha.. sad imam bijelo plavi i još je ljepši od srebrnog. Hvala sinu što je onog prvog bacio u wc hahahahaa.

  4. I love that color, but it's nothing overly spectacular. I have an LG Banter, it was the free one at the store haha.

  5. hi there wanted to say you've had some excellent posts lately- with the baby vs. nail polish, and the cute photo/memory book.yep u r an auntie!!! pretty cool. catwalk queen is a bomb ass color! my phone is an lg model with the neon lung pipe down the center-still drops calls,misses calls yeah its an lg and it looks great

  6. I like your new phone :)
    I have a nokia 5530 :)

  7. Všečen telefon ;)
    Vseeno pa zaupam samo nokii ki je zame osebno res ena iz med boljših :) Sama imam pa noki 5530.

  8. Nice phone!
    LG has a wonderful design team! I used to have a LG Arena, but I was robbed...Only 3 months after I got it :(

    Now I have a Motorola Droid (Milestone)
    I love phones that have a lot of functions :)

  9. My phone is a Motorola Karma. It is really odd looking and people always ask me about it.

  10. I'm a bit geekish, but terribly behind. :) I like new, shiny electronics, but I don't know half of what I used to do! I also have a sore spot for high end stuff, so I won't settle for the cheapest stuff. Which is... Well. When I want something new and expensive, I just buy some more nail polish instead. xD

    I am a slave to Apple's iPhone. :P

  11. I love the pic with your reflection! :) And I have an iphone.

  12. I have a blackberry tour. That I am soooo ready to trade for a Bold. Stupid contract isnt up for 8 months though =(

  13. my mobile brand is nokia... actually Im using 3 mobile phone 1 is roaming from my number in abu dhabi & 2 are for my local number here in Manila ( one is for my business issue & one as my personal use) LOL!!

    i love this color on u... I must say anything dark polish is great on u...

    ur phone is so cool!! xoxo

  14. I have a nokia 5530 and it's quite new and sometimes it doesn't work right. But before that one i had a Motorola Razr in hot pink and it was awesome. It worked for 2 years and the color is awesome (i still have it so i can use when my nokia stops working).

  15. I have an iPhone 3G, which I LOVE. I am into tech stuff, though, so I want my phone to be pretty multifunctional.

  16. I recently got the Droid X, it's a motorola on the verizon network. I decided to just give in and get super technological, even though I don't need. But what the heck, right?

  17. My personal phone is a HTC Hero - I love it.
    My work phone is a Blackberry Curve.

    I had an LG phone a few years ago and it was such a great phone. Super battery life. Since that phone, I've become a fan of many LG products.


  18. Mine is an LG-UX220, and it's also new. It's just a basic phone, though, cause I just use for calls. I used to just keep a cell phone for emergencies, so I never turned it on. When my brother moved me after my husband died, the instruction manual for my old phone got lost, so I had to get a new one, because my brother and my Mama want me to keep my cell phone turned on!

    Hope your Dad had a good birthday!


  19. The nail polish is too dark for summer I think.

  20. I love that color on you!
    I have an iphone 3GS and it runs smooth like buttah. Not interested in iphone 4.

  21. Hi Sasa! Firstly, CONGRATS to being an aunty (again)! :D
    Secondly, I've been thinking of you everytime I wear my purplish nail polishes.
    Hope you're well. :)

  22. (Hope you are happy to know that you won my giveaway! :)

  23. Very nice phone!

    I just got an HTC EVO. It's an Android phone and I'm in love with it! However, I was tempted to get the iPhone 4 but I really didn't want to switch carriers.

    Hope you're enjoying your new phone!

  24. Gorgeous shade of polish! Looks beautiful on you.

  25. I have a black T-mobile my touch slide and I absolutely love it!

  26. Love the nail polish colour and congrats on your new phone, looks cool. They have great design I think, LG.
    Mine is an older light pink Sony Ericsson. As you, I just want to be able to take ok pics and call from it :)

  27. ooh this is SO gorgeous! i can't believe i've never realized how beautiful this is, wowza!

    what a fun phone :)


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