Saturday, July 3, 2010


Remember my Art-ish giveaway? Well... I told you many times that I suck. But I didn't know that I suck so much that all of my readers should be warned about my lies and deceit.

Dear Gabriella.

Yes, you were one of the winners. That's true. And it's also true that only one of the winners got her prize and that's the one who won the print. The other two (drawing and ring) are both work in the process and however quickly it might have been done, I just can't rush my 'creativity'. I should probably say that I'm sorry you didn't receive your prize yet, but I won't. Not because you decided to write me 1 e-mail to which I haven't replied. Ask people who are very dear to me (Feline, Angie, Andrea...) - I haven't replied to their e-mails either, I haven't been tweeting as much as I used to and your unpublished comment was a spam (that's why I didn't publish it).

Why am I doing this publicly? 'Cause you decided to solve it this way.

You wanted to have a Dickweed green base with white notes on it. I'm not even gonna tell you how many times I had to stamp and the little fuc*er smudged or didn't stamp well... then I'd have to remove it with acetone and paint the base again wait for it to dry and stamp again... It's not as easy as it is on nails.

This is the best I could do and I still don't know if it's good enough.

I see why you thought I'd never reply to you or make this darn ring... But handling it in this way. For goodness sake... it's just a ring! Hang in there until you get it and I'll even throw in an extra nail polish for you. And a hint - I still need your address.

I will apologize to


  1. Nihrida, you're amazing. Don't let other people's impatience make you feel worthless! I'm behind you, and I sure as hell won't be unsubscribing! We love you, okay?

  2. I'm not really *involved* in this, but I will say this: IT'S OKAY. You do not deserve to die. I am not disappointed by you, and I am definitely not unsubscribing. I love your blog. Please keep blogging at whatever rate you feel like doing. <3

  3. you must be going through a lot, but please don't be so harsh on yourself... <3

  4. I can see why she would get angry if no one was updating her on the progress, but publically arguing solves nothing and hurts people. Believe me, I've been caught in the crossfire from another blogger due to minor misunderstandings on both of our parts and lost a bit of enjoyment from the blogging world.

  5. I agree with Trincess. Don't fret on it. The best of luck!

  6. I just want to tell you that you have to understand me: I was worried because I hadn`t heard from you. It has been almost three months since you told me that you would make my custom ring. I repeat, almost 3 months... If you were busy you could just have told me. I haven`t received a single email from you in all this time, just a few words, a couple of lines.

    Furthermore, It hasn't been just 1 email unresponded, but 2 emails. The first one was 20 days ago. I waited for more than 2 weeks and you didn`t answer so I decided to leave a comment in your blog asking about my prize. I saw that the other comments were published and mine was deleted. You claim that you deleted this comment because it was spam, but the only content of the message was a polite request for information, so I can't really understand how you can call that "spam". Anyways, why didn't you address my concerns in that moment? You already knew that I was worried about the prize. Instead I had to wrote you on Twitter and again no answer. I wrote you another email, the second one, and no answer again. After all this time, it`s only logical to think that you were ignoring me and you were not going to send me anything.

    Leaving aside these problems, I like the ring. It`s awesome :) And thanks for sending me another present: the nail polish.

  7. Hey,
    Sometimes people's reactions are a bit over the top. And Gabriella had one like this.
    You know you don't suck, you are going through a rough period of your life. Don't be so harsh on yourself...this is the last thing you need !
    Hang on in there, we only live once ;)

  8. Nihrida, na mojem blogu te čaka ena nagrada, če jo želiš sprejeti. :))

    Lep dan!

  9. Hang in there! There are a lot of us who love your blog and whish you well. Don't mind the ones who try and bring you down!

  10. You do not deserve to die, you are a wonderful person and no one has the right to judge you or make you feel that way dear. I for one will not unsubscribe either. You put a lot of your time in energy into your blog and I appreciate you and thank you for that but please don't let pressure you or make you feel that you aren't good enough or making you do something that you aren't capable of doing. You are one person and every person has their limits and don't let anyone push your limits either. Art/Creativity has to be just right it comes in goes (at least for me it does)and I don't blame you for wanting everything to be just right an artist wouldn't want anything else.

    Dear you have many many people all over the world that love you just the way you are, that love you for being you, and don't you forget that either. I'll remind you every day if need be!

  11. @Ashley A.: I totally get what you're trying to say, but she started with the public thing - sending e-mails to my blogger friends. That's what ticked me off. Imagine you get emails from your friends that some person in writing to them... I don't want them in the middle of this.

    @Gabriela: First of all - sorry for mis-typing your name in the post. I do understand you... but then again. I get A LOT of emails, messages...where people expect to get a line or more in return. And when you count them all it takes a lot of time. And they were ALL on hold. I already said it a lot of times on my blog that I WILL reply...just give me time.
    I guess it would be much better to spam my inbox if you were that concerned. And remember that you didn't LOOSE ANYTHING. It's not like you payed for it and haven't received it.
    I was kind of ''ignoring'' your e-mail (I got only 1), or better yet... I put it on hold. And I repeat: I did it with all the other people who wrote me. There are still e-mails from my dear friends older than yours to which I didn't reply. But I guess they'll understand.

    BTW: This ring caused a lot of headache for me. I wanted to just tell you that this design isn't gonna work. The other (flower and similar) designs can be double stamped, but not this one. I almost gave up and I'm really glad that you like it. I'm gonna finish it now and send it out in the next week via airmail.

    Glad you responded!

    @Tassa: Hvala ti! :***

  12. For my part is all forgotten and solved.

    I`m sorry that I have caused so many problems with the ring but the result is beautiful and very original :)

  13. Thank you all for your kind words. I need them right now. My psyche is in the gutter.

    @Gabriela: Mine too. I'm glad it's solved. Even though it upset me. =) I know I can be hard to deal I'm sorry.

  14. Nihrida, you should never say you deserve to die. Messing up, making istakes, we all do it, it does not make you worthless. I can understand where Gabriela is coming from honestly, this could have easily been avoided with a quick update email or two along the way. It still doesn't make you a bad person! I'm happy you two seem to have it sorted out :) You have a lot going on right now and I can imagine it's stressful, just remember that there are always people who care about you and who would miss you if you were gone! I am a newer follower of yours but I've enjoyed what I've seen so far and I look forward to lots more posts from you!

  15. Sasha.. u are very kind and good person I wish 1 day I could meet u in person. dont let other people make u feel worthless.. u're an amazing girl!! I love ur blog and I know u are a busy person I remember our swap took so long but its ok the important is we made it and shared some stuffs!! just keep in mind... u are very special to me.. *hugssssssss** i miss u..

  16. Slightly OT: Yes, my sister indeed has a gorgeous smile :) But don't post the WIT on the blog, she wants to be low-key on the net and would kill me for that.

  17. Two words: You're Wonderful.

    Things happen and I think everyone understands that. :-))

  18. I also got an email and I answered Gabriella. I told her to be patient that you had a sick animal to take care of. Also that you suffer from depression. I know how devastating that can be. I to have it but not to the degree that you do. My brother suffers badly from it. It took me years to understand. He never explained his feelings. Just took out his anger on me and my Mother. I love you and wouldn't want anything to happen to you. You've heard from Gabriella and "talked" it out. You do what you need to do. Just remember how much you are loved. Big hugs & kisses to you sweetie. Bless you always.

  19. I'm going to miss Peter too. :'(

  20. Nihrida you are a great person, I usually don't write comments but I think now I have to.. Please, don't be so cruel with you... a big hug...

  21. Hey sweetie, I'm not involved in this at all but I know how you feel and I find myself saying things like that a lot (and I have for a long time, my husband hates it) and if you ever need someone to talk or rant to, feel free to drop me a comment and we can chat it out.

  22. Resnično mi je hudo, da se ne počutiš vredu. Upam, da bo težko obdobje kmalu za tabo. *hugs*

    Recimo, da si upam napisati moje iskreno mišljenje (v upanju, da ne bom sama kdaj na takšni tapeti LOL) in upam, da te ne bom užalila ali razjezila, ker to res ni moj namen. :* Čeprav z nastalo situacijo nimam nič in vem le, kar sta napisali, menim, da se reči ne rabijo reševati tako javno. Sprašujem se, če imaš čas/energijo/voljo napisati ves post, zakaj potem ne moreš na kratko napisati odgovora na mejl? Ohja... vsak rešuje reči po svoje. Razumem Gabrielo in razumem tudi tebe. Mislim pa si, da bi bila sama na Gabrielinem mestu razočarana in bi enako mislila, da ne želiš poslati. Hmm... Da pa ni nič izgubila... ni, vendar gre za princip. Zadeva se res malo vleče in tudi jaz bi v tem času že postala nestrpna, sploh če ne bi dobila odgovora. Morda vsi ne berejo tako redno tvojega bloga in punca ne ve, kako se počutiš. Samo razmišljam in teoretiziram. Hmm... in spomnim se, da znaš biti tudi sama nestrpno bitje. ;) Poskušaj razumeti tudi Gabrielo. ;)

    Kot sem že napisala. Rada te berem, čeprav se ne strinjam vedno s teboj. Rada pogledam tvoje fotke, ker so krasne. In velikokrat si moj navdih. Čutim s teboj in resnično si želim, da bi ti kako lahko pomagala ... srčno upam, da boš našla svoj mir ... in ne, nihče si ne zasluži umreti! Nihče! Na koncu pa itak vsi umremo. Ironija... verjetno si na koncu koncu vsi zaslužimo umreti. Hmm... ah, pustimo filozofijo ob strani.

    Aja... Lep prstan si ustvarila. ;)

    In še naprej te bom brala ... :*

  23. Veš Maestra, so stvari, ki me resnično razjezijo... Punca mi je poslala en sam mail na moj e-mail naslov. En sam mail. Potem pa se odloči pisariti naokoli mojim bralcem in jim pripovedovati kako lažem... Lahko ''spam-aš'' moj inbox kolikor želiš, ampak moji internetni prijatelji so pa nekaj drugega.
    Bedasto mi je že no... moj blog ni mišljen kot nek javni forum... je moj osebni blog in mi gre že na jetra, da se zmeraj najde nekdo, ki se obesi na vsako mojo besedo. Enostavno preveč utrujajoče postaja vse skupaj.

  24. No, to je del zgodbe, ki je nisem vedela, a sem čutila, da je še nekje nekaj, kar te je zelo razjezilo. Želela sem samo napisati svoje iskreno mnenje. Kakor koli ... vem, da te blog lahko izredno izčrpa. Nenazadnje v blog daješ ogromno. Ti daješ res veliko sebe vanj. Jaz sem se odločila, da dam manj (osebnih reči). In ljudje te imajo radi in želijo veliko od tebe. Kar je sicer lepo, ampak ko je preveč, je preveč. Razumem. Zelo dobro razumem. Vzemi si čas. Važno je samo, da dihaš. Da imaš svoj mir.
    Javni forum ... imela si pač to "smolo", da so te ljudje vzljubili. Če je blog javni, te lahko bere kdor koli in komentira prav tako. Tako si se v štartu odločila. Še vedno pa imaš možnost, da to spremeniš. ;)
    Opažam pa, da obstaja veliko ljudi, ki se počutijo bolje, ko slišijo, da gre nekomu slabo. :( Žal ...
    Hvala za tvoj odgovor in pojasnilo. Želim ti lepo in mirno nedeljo! :*

  25. Bom pisala kao što govorim, da se ne bo razbral v google translate ;) jest je niti slučajn ne razumem, ker se podarjenmu konju ne gleda v zobe in se nima niti najmn pravice pizdit, da teži vse ostalim je pa tok glupo da kr res ni. Ne se sekirat, ti si kul, ona ni!

  26. I hope this doesn't cause you too many are way too awesome for that - even doing a custom ring as a giveaway!

    Hope things become better soon.

  27. You are being too hard on yourself. Please keep blogging. We all love you here and so should you. Love and hungs :)

  28. I love you to pieces and you know that. I completely understand when emails get backlisted. It is blogging for god's sake, not life and death matters. A giveaway is just that, a giveaway... its all based on luck. The packages get there on a wing and a prayer...intact. It makes me sick to see people being so greedy and impatient as to resort to essentially blackmailing a person into sending out something when the person is clearly going through personal things.

    Keep your chin up lovely, and remember those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind...



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