Friday, August 6, 2010

Blue My Mind

I know that Blue My Mind is a perfect word play for a blue nail polish name, but I think we have enough for now. Please.

From L to R:
* Catrice - It Blue My Mind
* H&M - Blue My Mind
* OPI - Blue My Mind
* Rimmel - Blue My Mind

Do you think of any other nail polish names that should be banned from using ever again?

- Purple Rain (suggested by Jellynat)
- Green With Envy (suggested by Maestra)
- Ruby Slippers (by me)
- dashes in names (by polishsis; I counted - 33 OPI nail polishes have one or more dashes in their names... and I think the word Suzi should be also banned for them - and I have a Suzi in my family, so that's saying something)
- Pretty in Pink (by Marina)

Thanks for looking!


  1. Hahahahha... I never noticed! I like nailpolish names. The ones I buy tend to be just letters and numbers.

  2. Hahahahaha :D For real?
    Amapak tisti Rimmelov sploh ne deluje modro, prej vijola.

  3. Purple Rain maybe?

    Rimmel "Purple Rain"
    Precision "Purple Rain"
    Nars "Purple Rain"
    Nubar "Purple Rain Glitter"
    Lippmann "Purple Rain"
    Sonia Kashuk "Purple Rain"

  4. You're right! I would add another "abused" word play or phrase "Green with envy". LOL

  5. @The Green Fairy: You're right about that. Numbers and random letters are even worse. =)

    @Helena: Ja, nekje vmes je. Ampak je lep. Hočem. =D

    @Jellynat: Bravo!!! According to my Google helper, there's also China Glaze Purple Rain. An old one, but still. =D

    @Maestra: *adding the word play to the ''banned'' list* ;)

  6. This is a great post!
    I think names with too many unnessecary dashes (-) in between should be banned. OPI, are you reading this?

  7. @polishsis: What are you talking about? There are *only* 2 shades with dash in their names from the new Swiss collection. ;D

  8. I AGREE about the Suzi names. Ugh! Sooooo over that. Purple rain and green with envy should definitely be banned as well as yellow's with "yellow brick road" themes. Ugh. Played out

  9. Usually I see greens named envy, period. lolol.

  10. I had no idea there were so many polishes named Blue My Mind! Good grief.

  11. Never realized that there were so many polishes with the same name. They should check first before officially naming it.

  12. Definitely too many Blue My Minds. I HATE HATE HATE dashes and punctuation in names...China Glaze does that sometimes, too, but OPI is a frequent offender.

  13. I wish OPI didn't try too hard with their names... I like cute descriptions, like "Mint Candy" or "Lemon Fizz", but I detest names like "Yodel Me On My Cell".

  14. hahah, you're such a details person Nihrida ! :)

    I never noticed it. But maybe is because I don't have that many blues.

    BTW, Catrice's looks wonderful. Have you swatched it?

  15. "Pretty in Pink" by Essie, Del Sol, Misa, LA Girl, Wet n Wild, Petites, and I'm sure many others.

    "sapphire" for blues is very played out.

    Also every other yellow has "lemon" in the name. There are other yellow things in the world, people.

  16. @Trincess: Word!

    @Sarah B: Yep, I swatched it here:

    @Marina: I never realized there are so many ''Pretty in Pink'' names. I guess that's because I don't own that many pink np. =)

  17. hahaha wow, this is hilarious - and Bravo to JellyNat for her great list too!! It is amazing some of the same names with be recycled so endlessly. And on another note, I agree with others - OPI: quit with the dashes!! It makes me want to cry typing out some of those polish names. And yeah, I am a little tired of seeing Suzi's name in every collection line. I love my name too, but I think Suzi needs to share the limelight with someone else - let them be a chocoholic or say feng shui!

  18. I believe the reason the name Suzi is in alot of the OPI polishes is because someone at the top of the company (CEO maybe?) is named Suzi.

  19. @Brooke: Word!

    @B: Yeah, we know. But you don't see every other Lippmann nail polish being named Debi, so...

  20. LOL, true. I guess she just likes her name alot then? Haha.

  21. love the blue! come follow me xoxo

  22. I am a Prince fan, but NO MORE Purple Rains, I agree with jellynat!


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