Sunday, August 15, 2010

Essence - Glisten Up: Layered

You wanted it, you got it! Essence Glisten Up, layered over four different polishes:
* LA Girl Disco Brites in Vinyl Record
* China Glaze in Four Leaf Clover
* Ulta in Devious
* Wet n Wild in Black Creme

I layered 2 coats of Glisten Up over each (click the photo to enlarge it).

From L to R: Glisten Up over: Vinyl Record, FLC, Devious and Black Creme.

Using LA Girl in Vinyl Record gives you the look of the polish in the bottle. The green one doesn't have the best contrast between the polish base and flakies and it looks more subtle. I just love the way this polish looks over a deep purple creme. Who would have thought. It looks similar over black, but this purple base gives it kind of duochrome look. Very cool!

You can see how dull this polish looks by itself (3 coats, on the left). This is definitely a layering polish.

Which combo do you like best?

Thank you Mother-in-Law for this awesome polish! =)

Thanks for looking!


  1. Black is great, i must buy this polish. I was watch him few times and every time i put it back on shelf. Next time is mine ;)

  2. Totally agree on it being a layering polish - I love it over the purple and the black - though over the 4 leaf clowver it's cutely discrete.

  3. Wow, na temnejših lakih noro dobro izpade!

  4. i like the LA Girl vinyl record one best

  5. Čez temno podlago mi je najbolj všeč! :)

  6. I like it over ulta devious the best but also over the black. they look very spacey or aquatic. awesome.

  7. Thanks. Im with Erin. Like it over Ulta Devious.
    How have you been???

  8. China Glaze is the best i guess :)
    please check out my new blog and maybe you can follow! thank youuu

  9. Ultra devious and glisten up = wowzers!

  10. waah where can i get it?
    i've seen more swatches but i've never seen the polish in stores xx

  11. Krasno, ampak najbolj mi je všeč na črni podlagi :)

  12. This is a neat flakie; I think it looks best over Vinyl Record.

  13. I really like it over vinyl record and over black you should do a funky french with those 2 and then layer it over top!

  14. Oh wow. I like those combination. they are so... interesting!

  15. Ah-maaziiiing
    LOVE it over VR and Devious
    And a funky french idea from Evil Angel sounds actually pretty interesting!

  16. Gorgeous! I especially like it over Devious.

  17. So pretty!!!
    I love the Devious layering, it reminds me of space and galaxies!

  18. omg it looks AWESOME over Devious


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