Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Eyeko - Saucy

I won a giveaway on The Allamenta blog and got this two Eyeko nail polishes in Saucy and Rain.

Color drops are back! =)

I was really excited to try out Rain polish, but since my nails are really short right now, I decided to go with Saucy polish first. For naughty nails. =)

I've had the chance to try some of the other Eyeko nail polish shades and they were OK, but just mediocre. This one blew me away! It's completely opaque in one coat and the color is just too perfect for words. Hot, sexy and most definitely - saucy! The formula is a bit goopy though and it could use a drop of thinner and I'm not too mad about the brush either. Other than that - pure win!

I used two coats of polish (just to get the desired depth).

If you're planning on getting Eyeko nail polish, I suggest you grab this one. It's really good! And don't forget to use my code (it's in the side bar) to get your free gift.

P.S: Sorry about my nails. They're recovering really slowly.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Even though your nails are short,
    I really like the picture with the necklace and the half of your face :) It has something nice :)

    I like your short nails :D

  2. Congrats! What beautiful pictures you made :)

  3. Lovely pictures! I love your necklace, I used to have a similar one from Alchemy years ago...

    Your nails look very nice when short as well, you have long nail beds :)

  4. @Tessa: Thanks! =)

    @Binara: Thank you!

    @Sarah B.: Oh, I love Alchemy Gothic jewellery. They used to sell it here in Slovenia, but they don't anymore. I did get a bracelet and a pendant for my B-day from my sister and I still have them. Hmm...maybe I should post about it. =)
    And thank you!

  5. Really pretty on you and I think your hands look nice with short nails :)

  6. Those two polishes look awesome! The red is a really nice shade and i can't wait to see how rain looks on your nails :).
    I think that your nails look fine :p but that's maybe because i'm used to wearing short nails (i study design so i'm often doing stuff with hands so i can't wear my nails too long).
    Oh, and i loved your necklace! :D i'm currently looking so some of those but smaller :p they looks gorgeous with simple outfits.

  7. Nice polish, and I LOVE that necklace!

  8. Saaaauuucyyyyy. So definitely saucy hot!
    Awesome shade.

  9. I want Rain!!


  10. i love this color on ur fabulous nails

  11. Red nail polish is always strong and sexy. It really suits you. Love the cross. Very pretty.

  12. I still have this pendant from Alchemy I bought it in England years ago :)
    I think we have an alchemy store somewhere in Brazil, but I can't remember! I'll post a picture of it someday, with vampy nails! ;)


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