Thursday, August 19, 2010


Let's see how good are you at recognizing shades, shall we? =)

Here are 4 color drops of four different nail polish shades from four different brands. Can you guess which polishes these are?

If it turns out to be too difficult, I'll put hints in the comments.

The winner gets the eternal glory as one of the best nail polish shades guesser. ;)

So, what are you waiting for? Guess!


  1. I'd say:
    Orly Enchanted Forest
    Catrice Sold Out Forever
    Zoya Edyta (Drawing a blank here, gorgeous shade)
    Finger Paints Evergreen Dream

  2. 1: No idea, maybe Zoya Envy?
    2: Catrice Sold out forever. Or Claire's Dream Catcher. They look so much the same :)
    3: Gosh golden dragon
    4: China Glaze Emerald Sparkle
    This is pretty fun :D

  3. I agree with the the two first ones. The rest, I don't know :) I really like the shimmer in the #2.

  4. quite difficult but will try..
    1. Claire-Green Matte
    2. Claire-Sold out forever
    3. Maybelline-Glad to be green
    4. Maybelline-761

  5. I'd say that #1 is Orly Enchanted Forest or Wandering Vine

    No idea on the others, but #3 is gorgeous!

  6. 3 looks like Gosh's Golden Dragon to me too :D

  7. 1. Orly - Enchanted Forest
    2. Catrice - Sold out for ever
    3. Maybellinge - Glad to be green
    4. China Glaze - Emerald Sparkle

  8. I haven't a clue...but I do know that I want #3!

  9. I'm a dunce. I looked at the drops for about two seconds before I went, pfffft. I know what all of those are. Um....NOT. lol :)

    #1 I wanted to say Illamasqua Rampage, but I think it's darker. So, I'll go with Orly Enchanted Forest.
    #2 Catrice Sold Out Forever
    #3 I have NO idea. (were that a polish name, I'd be ecstatic!)
    #4 China Glaze Emerald Sparkle.

  10. Orly Enchanted Forest
    Catrice Sold Out Forever
    Zoya Edyta
    china glaze emerald sparkle
    may be some of them are correct.

  11. orly enchated forest
    catrice sold out for ever
    maybelline glad to be green???
    stargazer locked up green???

  12. I guess a mix of the first two ones:

    Orly Enchanted Forest
    Catrice Sold Out Forever
    Gosh Golden Dragon
    China Glaze Emerald Sparkle


  13. Lovely greens!
    But I have no idea of which ones they are :)

  14. OK, many of you guessed the first two right... But what are the other two shades? I can tell you they aren't ChG, Gosh, Maybelline, Zoya, Stargazer or Finger Paints shades. =)

  15. Green creme
    Green shimmer
    Green duochrome and
    Green sparkle!


  16. So, since you didn't mention ORLY I'll take a guess with Enchanted Forest on #4.

  17. 3: safari 265
    4 nat robbins greed

  18. I don't know, but I want them.

  19. =D First one is Orly, second is Claire's. There are NYX and Sinful in the bottom row. Now you must know. =)

  20. 1. Orly Enchanted Forest
    2. Claire's Dreamcatcher?
    3. NYX Jungle
    4. Sinful San Francisco

  21. Yep, Hanna is the first one who got them right. All of them. =)

  22. I love #3

    I suck at guessing nail polishes. Lol!

    Congrats, Hannah!


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