Wednesday, August 4, 2010


There's a problem in paradise. Jimi is bullying Gaia. I don't know what to do. Whenever she sees her, she runs after her and wants to bit*h-slap her. Any ideas what to do?

Gaia is not happy...

Aishila on the other hand (our smallest adult cat ever) doesn't take sh*t from noone. If one of the chihuahuas is too loud, she'll go and slap him silly (without the use of claws, how considerate). XD But she doesn't bully anyone.

If your day wasn't as good as it could be... it could always be worse, right? Smell the grass, look at the blue sky and remember...

... even the smallest ones can make huge shadows. ;)

Thanks for looking!


  1. Unfortunately I don't have any cats bully my dog and I can't do anything to stop it.

  2. How cute! I love the third one with the blue sky on its back.

  3. Love the photos!

    Unfortunaely I haven't a tip either... :-(

  4. Ha, my grandma's cat always tends to bully me! That's awful :D Cats seem to hate me! Awww.
    I love the last photo and a comment to it :)
    I hope your cats will be back to peace again!

  5. Awesome photos!
    Aren't they used to be together?
    My cats used to make ffffffff to one another when they met. Now they're best friends.
    But if you think they don't work, just try to separate them so they won't be in stress.
    All About My Nails

  6. These pictures are so beautiful, I LOVE the 3d one. It could be a print.

    My oldest cat, which is mom to the other 2, sometimes bully my only male cat. If they are not getting in serious fights I guess there is no problem.

    Are they outdoor cats? How's Aishila doing ?

  7. Beautiful, beautiful cats. I wish I could cats fight, but no one is really a bully. And I like that...even the smallest cat makes the biggest shadow!

  8. The 3rd one really is perfect! It could go on a greeting card, I know I'd put it up at my desk. Sorry I dont have any tips for the bullying but I hope they behave and stop it and just get along.

  9. Aw, poor Gaia. Lovely pictures, though.

  10. BEAUTIFUL photos, my dear! They made me smile. :) Wide! Well, except the part where you tell us about the bullying. In my own experience, the only way is to keep them apart. :/ You can try a while longer, but not so long that the bullied cat gets depressed. That has happened to me, and I have never felt so guilty over anything. (I think. But maybe. Probably?)

  11. I don't have any advice. Sometimes they have their own reasons for not liking another cat. My cat Manfred used to get picked on until he got his lion-cut. Now he is full of confidence and doesn't take shit from no one. He even protects other cats from bullying. :D

  12. My male cat (fixed) sometimes bullies my girl cat (also fixed). It used to be much worse, but now it only happens once in a while. What fixed it for me was letting them have a hierarchy. I used to give them equal attention, but now I let the boy cat be the beta (I'm the alpha :)). So when he wants attention I give it to him, even if that means I have to let him push her out of the way. It sounds sad, I know, but she just goes to my husband if he's around, or the other side of me if he's not. I give her sneaky pets so the male cat can't see. :) I also stopped trying to keep him from eating out of her bowl. They're a year apart, with the male cat being older. There's plenty of room for them to stay apart if they want to, but they usually stay on the same couch, or at least in the same room.

    What seems to have made the biggest difference is not ignoring the cats - when we're busy and don't give them attention they act out a LOT more.

    I wish you much luck! Your kitties are just lovely. :)

  13. One of my cats bullies my other cat too. I don't really know what to tell you to fix it though..

    Love the cute cat pictures though!

  14. Oh, kako žalostno gleda Gaia na prvi slikici... Bi jo kar vzela v naročje in pocrkljala!

    Ne vem, mogoče skregaš Jimi, ko poskuša "terorizirat" Gaio.

  15. The third photo is my favorite. =)

    I remember when not too long after Natasha came to live with us (all 3 or 4 pounds of scrawny fur and bones). Natasha started chasing my darling Katie (who weighed in at a sturdy 12 pounds) under beds and trapping her in bed in bedrooms. So one day I pulled Katie out from under a bed and told her sternly "You are bigger than her! Stop being bullied and smack her!" And do you know it worked? Of course, about a week later I had to haul Natasha out from under the beds...maybe a different talk would be better. XD

  16. i really love your blog.. thank you very much for these wonderful posts.

    Love from Greece

  17. Aww I'm sorry to hear that.

    I'd advise to not step in between unless it gets really ugly, and try to not become stressed when they're in the same room. If you expect a fight, they'll pick up your energy and that won't help.
    If they could get along in the past, it'll probably turn out fine again in a while.
    There are also some products available that can help them if they're stressed.

    Give Gaia a hug from me, and good luck, hope it all gets better soon!

  18. I love the paw inthe third pic :)
    I don't have any useful suggestion, i'm not used to cats, i'm on the rabbit side! :)

  19. Beautiful words about the sky, etc. I used to have a male cat that used to slap all the other animals. I had 2 poodles and 2 other cats. When Adrian (big male) came in they would all line up next to the food bowl. Adrian would go to each one and slap them in the face. They would back up and let him eat. When he was finished they'd all go eat together. It was really funny. He didn't hurt them. Guess he was showing them who was boss.

  20. @Helena: Yes, they are used to being together, but this bullying doesn't happen all the time. It started a couple of days ago and I don't know why.

    @Sarah B.: Thanks, Sarah! I wouldn't call them outdoor cats, but yeah...they are also outside (they are wherever they want to be). They usually sleep inside so that I can have a peaceful sleep. ;)
    Aishila isn't doing any better, but it isn't worse either, so that's something too. I think she'll need an operation...

    @féline-alizarine: Glad to hear that. =) It's hard to keep them apart, 'cause Jimi is always stalking Gaia, waiting for the opportunity to slap her. And Gaia always makes such noises when that happens. It sounds worse than it is... =) She's such a drama queen. ;)

    @Skulda: Well you know what...Gaia did loose some weight and now she's all cuddly and nice...before she lost it, she was a diva.

    @indieamazonprincess: Thank you for your input! =)

    @Biba: Jo kregam, jih dobi po riti, pa še kar ne pomaga. Ve da ne sme, pa si ne more pomagat.

    @Kitty: Maybe you should have had THE talk with both of them. =D

    @Γωγω Καλουδη: Thank you so much!

    @Shiny!: It's really hard not to interfere...

    @Theallamenta: Yeah and your rabbit is the best! =D

    @Lucy: It really does look like he was the boss. =)


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