Monday, August 2, 2010

Milani - Fresh Teal

Wooohooo!!! A quick post, 'cause I'm going to the swimming pool with my nieces. =D And this polish is PERFECT for the occasion.

Milani, Fresh Teal, 2 coats

When I first got this polish, I was confused. Why is the bottle wraped in green plastic?
I couldn't figure it out, well, I still can't. But on my photos the bottle color is actually closer to the real nail polish color than my nails. This shade *isn't* blue. It's teal and it's gorgeous!

I just polished my nails and I'm going in 20 minutes. Dry, baby, dry!!! Oh, shoot... I have to shave my legs... *face palm*

Two more photos of the polish in my Crappy (light box for my new readers). Again: this polish isn't as blue as it appears. It's teal. =)

Got to go!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Such a pretty color! Have fun shaving your legs lol. But seriously, enjoy the pool. This color is perfect for it!

  2. I had the saaaame problem photographing Brucci Gianna's "Rockin" Blue. It's a gorgeous teal creme but photographs aqua blue! grr!! Have fun swimming!

  3. as you said perfect for the swimming pool!Great shade on you!

  4. Looks amazing! Have fun at the pool!

  5. Perfect for a pool adventure!

  6. This is a must for me now! Thanks for the inspiration...

  7. I wanted to get this one but there was only one bottle left and there was no brush on it, only a cap!

  8. I thought this was strange also. Gorgeous shade and perfect for paddling around the pool. Have fun!

  9. i like this one a lot, just got it myself :)


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