Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New @ Essence

There's a new Essence Trend Edition coming out in September 2010 called Denim Wanted.

''...from september to october 2010 the casual cool denim style gets a matching make-up look with the new essence trend edition “denim wanted!”. Eye-catching products in dark blue, cyan, pink or black combined with hip grey not only perfect any jeans style, but also lend make-up a casual, cool look. whether it’s the cowgirl look, it-girl style or party glamour, in autumn it’s all about denim! So pull on your blue jeans and get the denim style!'' (Essence)

My eyes are set on the blue polishes. =)


''From august to september 2010, the new essence trend edition “we saw it first” will be giving an exclusive foretaste of the trendy new products in the essence range come fall 2010. The selected products, from eyeshadow, to nail varnish and powder, all the way to fabulous accessories, are superbly tuned to the new essence products coming out this fall. The autumn shades conjure up the fashionable late-summer look – fresh from the catwalks of major fashion metropolises.'' (Essence)

Photos are from Essence website.

Do you see anything you like?

Thanks for looking!


  1. omg, i have to pick up everything from the first pic! thanks for sharing =D

  2. OK - ALL of it!


    I am so addicted to complete collections right now! I LOVE my Surfer Babe (the perfume is to die for!!!) and Return to Paradise....
    Eclipse is, however, my favorite....wish they get them over here in the US!

    (got them all in a swap!)


  3. I'm not too fussed about most of it, but I'm looking forward to the polishes!

  4. gah! i heart essence! the denim collex looks so hot!

  5. The green one catches my eyes, I want to eat

  6. I like some of the polishes , esp. the blue ones, like you do ;)

  7. Can't go wrong with blue, it's beautiful and flattering :D

  8. Two greys, two blues, a shimmery black and an eyeliner that seems to be blue?!
    Goodbye, no-buy ^^

  9. I already seem to be in love with the "we saw it first" collection! I mean, the polishes! And another matte topcoat...hummmhummm...sounds interesting :) Eyeshadows from this collection seem to be cool too!

  10. That zipper bracelet ( armband)
    and that gel liner are on my list

  11. I see lots that I like but too bad I can't get them in Canada!!

  12. I don't understand if the grey polish in the first pic is a grey or a taupe...
    I wonder why here I can't find them anywhere.

  13. I love all of the eye shadows. Of course all the polishes.

  14. @yardsticks 4 lunatics: I Know I owe you and I'd get all these for you, but you know how it is... I haven't seen the Surfer Babe IRL and Return to Paradise... Eclipse was always sold out. It seems you have a really good source.

  15. Yes, I see many products that I like! :)

    Have you send my package? Could you please write me when you send it?


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